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HONOLULU NEWS CONFERENCE Obama author and Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin seeks Frank Marshall Davis family DNA

NEWS CONFERENCE: Obama author and Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a Honolulu news conference at the Hawai’i State Capitol today, Monday, October 3rd to announce he is seeking to locate DNA from members of the Frank Marshall Davis Family that could confirm Davis is the biological father of President Barack Obama. Martin is both a political opponent of President Obama and also an independent, neutral scholar who continues to research and write about the “real” Barack Obama.



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Andy Martin says he leads a “double life,” as an objective researcher into Barack Obama’s history, and as a partisan political candidate and opponent of President Obama’s policies.

Martin says Republicans still do not understand Barack Obama and can’t “comprehend” Obama’s reelection strategy

Martin says Obama’s reelection plan is to rely on the “Audacity of Audacity”

Martin is in Honolulu continuing his research and writing into Barack Obama’s family life and character

Martin says his New Hampshire campaign operation is “granite solid;” the maverick Republican will open a South Carolina effort later in October

(HONOLULU, HI)(October 3, 2011) Obama author and Independent Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a news conference today, October 3, 2011 at the Hawai’i State Capitol in downtown Honolulu to announce that as part of his research into President Barack Obama’s family history Martin is seeking DNA from members of the Frank Marshall Davis Family.

“Looking at Barack Obama as an author/scholar and as a political opponent really leads you through the looking glass into a ‘I Led Two Lives’ situation,” Andy says. “On the one hand I have to maintain scholarly detachment and integrity, and follow the facts where they take me, whatever agendas Mr. Obama’s other opponents may have. I have been faithful to the search for truth.

“On the other hand, as a political opponent who became a Republican presidential candidate because the Republicans still do not understand how to play either defense or offense against Barack Obama, I am a partisan advocate. So far, I have done a good job of keeping the two ‘hats’ separate and maintaining a ‘wall of separation’ between scholarly research and partisan advocacy.

“Because I have not appeared in any of the liberal media’s televised presidential ‘debates,’ I am not as ‘well known’ as some of the other ‘lesser-known’ candidates. But my campaign both nationally and in New Hampshire, where we probably have the second strongest primary presence of any of the Republican presidential candidates, will not go unnoticed much longer.

“Over the past few days I took some time off from the campaign trail to continue my research into Obama’s family history in Hawai’i. As someone who grew up in an academic family and became an adjunct professor, I enjoy the scholarly life.

“When I wrote my first article/investigative analysis on State Senator Barack Obama in 2004 I did not expect ‘Obama’ to become a second career. When I came to Honolulu for the first time in 2008, Obama’s people went haywire. He had his stooges at the New York Times put me on page one of the Times as a ‘mystery man,’ when it is Obama himself who remains mysterious. The New York Times’ attention only made me bigger and stronger.

“When Obama diverted his campaign plane to Honolulu after I arrived in Hawai’i in 2008, the Governor’s office was flooded with faxes and emails saying Obama was following me to his home state.

“The reality is that over the past seven years I have come to know Barack Obama better than anyone else in the Republican Party. Republicans don’t comprehend how Obama, with a record of unparalleled failure, can run for reelection (see two links below). They don’t know Barack Obama. ‘The Audacity of Audacity’ is his calling card. Obama is running for reelection calling his failures ‘successes’ and hoping Democrats accept his ‘Alice-in-Wonderland,’ upside-down campaign blueprint.

“During my current trip to Hawai’i I am particularly looking for DNA from the Frank Marshall Davis Family, because it continues to be my theory that Davis, not the Kenyan Barack Obama, is President Obama’s biological father. [I want to emphasize this is a theory; I am not stating the Davis theory as a fact. DNA will ultimately decide the matter.] In my opinion, President Obama came to be aware that Davis was his dad too late in life to change who he (young ‘Obama’) was. But I believe the ‘father’ of ‘Dreams From My Father’ is Frank, not Barack.

“We also have a ‘DNA operation’ in Chicago watching out for Obama’s own DNA. Obama frequents restaurants in my home neighborhood, where DNA samples are potentially abundant.

“Ironically, if my Frank Marshall Davis theory is correct, then the ‘Birther’ movement would collapse, because both of the president’s parents would be ‘natural born citizens’ as even his most extreme critics define the term. The Birther movement would be kaput.

“While I may be the ‘founding father’ of the Birther movement, and while the liberal media may call me the ‘King of the Birthers,’ I do not subscribe to any of the excessively antagonistic claims which are proffered against Obama today. When I am wearing my scholar’s/researcher’s hat, I am impartial and devoted to searching for the truth and finding the facts. My trip to Hawai’i is solely a truth finding and fact finding mission.

“I am surprised by the continuing intensity of the Birther movement. While the national media do not like to pay attention, personal antipathy for Obama continues to grow and will be a significant factor in the 2012 election. Independent polls show ‘Birtherism’ is especially strong in early-voting states such as New Hampshire and South Carolina.

“In the meantime, I will wind up my trip to Honolulu later this week and head back to New Hampshire to continue what I think is the second-best primary campaign operation after former Governor Mitt Romney’s team. After Romney, no one else has as solid an operation as I do in the Granite State. We are already producing our third round of TV and radio ads for the New Hampshire primary (you can see the ads at

“As the national media’s favored ‘Republican presidential candidates’ hack themselves up, my ‘sleeper’ campaign is waiting for the survivors in New Hampshire’s First Primary.

“Ironically, the American people ultimately have Hawai’i Governor Neal Abercrombie to thank for my presidential campaign. The factor that finally triggered my decision to run for President was the Governor’s attack on the Birther movement last December.

“At the end of the day, everything I have written about Barack Obama over the past seven years has stood the tests of time and accuracy. My CIA ‘psychological profile’ of Obama has become a classic. But Republican Party operatives are no more able to decipher and defend against Obama’s tactics today than they were in 2008. That’s why I remain and will continue to be a Republican Party presidential candidate.

“I’ll have more to say about some of the other presidential candidates in the next couple of days. In the meantime my New Hampshire campaign operation is granite solid. Later in October we will launch a South Carolina operation now that SC has set a date for the SC primary,” Martin will state in Honolulu today.

Martin is also planning a Tuesday news conference in Honolulu on a topic that will surprise most Hawaiians and has nothing to do with Barack Obama.



Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin is in Hawai’i seeking DNA from the Frank Marshall Davis Family.


Hawai’i State Capitol, Honolulu, by the statute of Queen Liliuokalani


Monday, October 3rd, 20113:15 P.M. Honolulu time

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Martin has been a leading corruption fighter in Illinois and American politics and courts for over forty years. [] He is currently sponsoring See also;

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