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Is Jack Roeser toxic for the Tea Party? Could the Tea Party be smarter than Roeser thinks?

Is “sold out” TeaCon a “sellout” of the Tea Party? Or a “sell down” of last year’s successful event? Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin asks whether Jack Roeser’s sponsorship of “TeaCon” may have rendered today’s gathering a colossal failure and embarrassment, as attendance falls 80% from a similar Tea Party meeting last year.



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Andy Martin says Jack Roeser’s “endorsement” of today’s TeaCon, and tens of thousands of dollars of Roeser’s “sponsorship” cash, may have guaranteed TeaCon would be a flop

Despite lower ticket prices than at a similar event in 2010, TeaCon attendance drops by 80%

Concerns grow among Tea Party activists that Roeser is really a Republican Party “Combine” stooge who is being used to undermine Tea Party efforts in Illinois


(HONOLULU) (September 30, 2011) Well la dee da. “TeaCon” starts today and it is a colossal failure. Last year over 5,000 Tea Party activists congregated in Illinois. Today fewer than 1,000 will. That’s an 80% drop in attendance.

It may be time to start comparing “Typhoid Jack” to "Typhoid Mary.” Roeser’s support for TeaCon may have turned off the Tea Party. Roeser’s support for the Tea Party has become toxic. Just look at the numbers and decide for yourself. An 80% drop off in attendance for Roeser’s round-up is pretty drastic.

Over the past 18 months Roeser has given $125,000 to the Illinois Republican Party. The Illinois Republican Party’s state leaders have done everything they can to ignore, undermine and frustrate Tea Party goals. Today the Illinois Republican Party may be the most liberal and most corrupt state Republican Party in the nation. (Why do the two qualities “liberal” and “corrupt” always seem to go together?)

So why would Mr. Roeser, one of the Republican Party's biggest donors, turn around and finance the party’s biggest challenger? Why is Roeser cash supporting TeaCon? You guessed it. Roeser is trying to demoralize, disrupt and distract Tea Party activists. People aren’t stupid. When they find out attendance has fallen 80% despite lower ticket prices, Tea Party supporters are going to ask, “What happened? Where did the other 80% of attendees go?”

I feel so bad for Jack I am about to file a “missing persons” report with the police about the “Tea Party missing 80%.” We’ve got to find where that the missing 80% of the Tea Party’s attendees from last year are being held.

Perhaps Tea Party supporters are concerned by Roeser’s “TeaCon” gambit because TeaCon has divided the movement into opposing camps (Republican Party plant?) and pitted Tea Party group against Tea Party group (disruption?). If we look at the practical impact of TeaCon, dividing and pitting various Illinois Tea Party committees against each other, into warring camps, and winners and losers, the possibility that Roeser is a Tea Party saboteur for the Republican Party becomes overwhelmingly plausible.

Instead of “growing” the Tea Party movement, Roeser’s “support” is ensuring that the Tea Party contracts in Illinois and in the “seven states” where he is soliciting support.

As a young University of Illinois law student I went to Capitol Hill 46 years ago. I saw the stench in Washington. The odor was overwhelming. I decided to devote my life to fighting corruption, cronyism and conflicts of interest. I have fought the good fight. Being against corruption in politics is not easy work. In Illinois, you make enemies, not friends, when you expose crooked deals. But I have never considered defecting to the opposition and supporting corruption.

In a Robert Frost poem he speaks of “two roads diverging in a wood,” and taking “the one less traveled by.” Frost says “that has made all the difference.” Being a man of honor has made all the difference in my life.

Jack Roeser started out years ago claiming he was on the side of the good guys. He was a man of honor. Last year he reversed himself and decided to start bankrolling the bad guys. He’s making a “difference” all right. A negative difference. He’s dishonored himself.

Maybe the Tea Party is noticing Roeser’s sleigh-of-hand. From “over 5,000” last year, attendance has tumbled to less than a thousand for Roeser’s round-up today.

It’s sad that Glenn Beck and the other camp followers are so anxious to accept Roeser’s cash they are oblivious to the fact Jack is paying them in dirty dollars.

Stay tuned.


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