Thursday, June 2, 2011

Andy Martin asks New Hampshire legislators to support right-to-work law

Republican Presidential candidate Andy Martin explains to New Hampshire legislators why Andy supports state right-to-work laws. Martin says he is working hard to earn support in the New Hampshire primary; union bosses should have to work hard to earn the support of their members. Martin supports an override of the governor’s veto of a new right-to-work law for New Hampshire.


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June 3, 2011

Dear New Hampshire Legislator:

I am writing to urge you to vote to override Governor Lunch’s veto of New Hampshire’s new right-to-work law. I stand behind Speaker Bill O’Brien in asking for your vote for employment freedom in the Granite State.

The liberal news media don’t like to cover my campaign. I don’t say or do silly things to get attention. If you peruse my campaign materials, however, you will notice my campaign is devoted to serious issues and matters of national substance. I actually have a long record of sold accomplishments fighting corruption and supporting the needs of working families.

Here are my opinions based on forty-five years of experience with labor unions, politics, management and right-to-work issues. I have dealt with unions in Chicago, New York, and Florida. That experience encompasses both right-to-work states and non-right to work states. I am the only Republican presidential candidate with operational experience dealing with labor unions.

Labor bosses will tell you that right to work laws are “anti-union.” That is not the case. Right to work laws are anti-labor bosses. There is a wide gap between the interests of corrupt labor bosses and ordinary rank-and-file union members. In Illinois, I have been known as a good friend to the men and women on the shop floor. I have also fought labor racketeers that enriched themselves by looting union pension funds.

I am writing this letter from Florida, where I am campaigning. The labor movement is alive and well in Florida. If labor unions are doing fine in Florida, which is a right-to-work state, why won’t they do fine in New Hampshire and virtually every state? The answer is obvious: right-to-work laws force union leaders (labor bosses) to start working for their members instead of robbing their members.

At the national level virtually every union leadership team is a kleptocracy. Union bosses enrich themselves by putting friends and relatives on the payroll, paying themselves multiple salaries and enjoying lavish benefits, all while ordinary members struggle to survive financially. The labor union movement today is not the pristine ideal that union supporters envisioned.

I am a supporter of unions when they are honestly and properly managed and when they work for, not against, their members.

Today, in New York City, labor racketeering is inhibiting the national economic revival. Buildings trades seek to use featherbedding to make new construction prohibitively costly. I do not hesitate to condemn such practices. But honest unions can play a positive role in our economy.

When I earned money for college I joined the local union where I worked. The president of the union local protected me from management abuse. I understand through firsthand experience that unions can play a positive role when they are managed in the interests of their members and not for the personal enrichment of their leaders.

The bottom line: if you vote to override the governor’s veto of the right-to-work law you enacted, you will actually strengthen unions and working families while doing the right thing for the economy of New Hampshire.

When unions have to serve the needs of their members, as they do in right-to-work states, or else they are voted out, union leaders act more modestly on their own behalf and work harder to ensure their members are better taken care of.

You are going to hear a lot of propaganda from the labor bosses and their partners-in-crime. Don’t be fooled by them.

A right to-to-work law will strengthen New Hampshire’s economy, and energize the economic recovery that New Hampshire families are hoping and praying for. You will help to make unions responsible to and accountable to their members. Right-to-work laws bring “market discipline” to union bosses. They have to do their jobs honestly and fairly, or workers will simply abandon them.

You can be both pro-union and pro-right-to-work. The two are not incompatible. I support both movements. I hope you will too.

Please join Speaker O’Brien in voting to override Governor Lynch’s attempt to perpetuate union dictatorships over their members. It’s time for a new day and a new way in New Hampshire, pro-worker, pro-Republican, pro-economic growth and pro-recovery.

Feel free to get in touch if I can be of any assistance.

I am working hard to earn your vote in the New Hampshire primary next February. Union bosses should have to work hard to earn the support of their members. Right-to-work is the right way for our economy.

Sincerely yours,



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