Monday, June 27, 2011

Andy Martin’s New Hampshire Progress Report

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin provides an analysis of the progress of his presidential campaign in the nation’s First Primary state.


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June 26, 2011

Dear Republican:

I’d like to give you an exciting progress report on the state of my presidential campaign in New Hampshire. I think after reading these brief remarks you will agree we are doing very well and much better than anyone ever expected. And we expect to do even better in the days ahead.

First, you may have seen our new TV ad in opposition to Northern Pass. We previously sent you this advertisement in an earlier email. The ad is appearing on WMUR-TV. I am the only presidential candidate who is actively opposing Northern Pass. Based on my over 40 years of environmental legal experience I am convinced Northern Pass is bad for New Hampshire. We have two blogs (see above) dedicated to fighting Northern Pass. Although Northern Pass is saturating the state with ads supporting Northern Pass, my presidential campaign represents the only media opposition to Northern Pass.

Second, last week we finished another New Hampshire TV spot, which highlights my family ties to the state. I am attaching the new TV ad to this email (it will be scheduled to appear on TV in New Hampshire; the Northern Pass ad runs first). Based on my longstanding ties to the state I am New Hampshire’s de facto “Favorite Son” candidate in the presidential primary.

Third, we are also running radio ads defending my candidacy. As you may know, there was some unpleasantness with state chairman Jack Kimball. Kimball’s inappropriate behavior is no way influences my view of the many fine Republicans of New Hampshire. New Hampshire voters want to hear for themselves and they want to decide for themselves who to vote for. They don’t want Kimball to be a Chicago-style boss who makes decisions for them. I think Jack’s attacks backfired.

Fourth, later in July we are going to take a major step to promote New Hampshire’s “First in the Nation” primary. That’s what a “Favorite Son” candidate does. I’m doing.

On July 8th we will kick off a series of local appearances across the state. Newt Gingrich went to the Greek Islands for his “vacation.” I am coming to New Hampshire for my “staycation.” I’ll have to make do with a Greek salad. I hope we will have the opportunity to meet in person during my extended visit. You can find me at Hampton Beach, where I spent every summer as a child.

In the days ahead I will also be writing about the issues (sometimes surprising you with my views) and also raising the hackles of my presidential campaign opponents by pointing out their foibles and weaknesses (but always with the back story and an explanation of my tactics).

We are the most transparent and accessible presidential campaign. You can actually get me on the cell phone much of the time, try (866) 706-2639 and it should transfer. You can call us to complain, or with kind words. We take all callers.

I hope you will take a look at our two new TV ads which accompany this email and also make the effort to meet personally. My campaign is well-organized and has a coherent campaign strategy. I am not yet among the top 5 candidates in the New Hampshire presidential primary. But I am the unchallenged #1 in TV advertising and commitment to the People of New Hampshire.

Best wishes,



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