Friday, June 3, 2011

NEWS CONFERENCE Andy Martin demands that Anthony Weiner resign from Congress or be removed

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a Palm Beach news conference today, June 3rd to demand “sexual predator” Representative Anthony Weiner resign because of his sexual peccadilloes. Saturday Martin will outline the legal basis for forcibly removing Weiner from the U. S. House

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Representative Anthony Weiner must be removed from Congress

Martin says Nancy Pelosi promised a scandal-free Democratic caucus; where’s Nancy?

Martin has been involved in exposing congressional sex scandals since the 1970’s



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds a Palm Beach news conference today, Friday, June 3rd as he begins two days of attacks on randy Rep. Anthony Weiner

Martin says Weiner is making a laughingstock of the House of Representatives

Martin says Republican perverts such as Mark Foley and Christopher Lee resigned promptly; why not Weiner?

Martin says Weiner has yet to explain his connection with pornstar Ginger Lee

Andy Martin is one of the Republican Party’s veteran cyberwarriors and has waged a relentless Internet campaign against President Barack Obama’s mysterious origins

(PALM BEACH, FL)(June 3, 2011) Corruption-fighting Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds a Palm Beach, Florida news conference today, June 3rd at 5:30 P.M. to launch two days of attacks on Representative Anthony Weiner. Today Martin calls on Weiner to resign and chides House leader Nancy Pelosi for allowing perverts in the Democratic caucus. Martin has over thirty years of experience investigating and exposing congressional imbroglios going back to the Wayne Hayes sex scandal and even earlier House embarrassments.

“One of the problems with my Republican Party competitors is that they have no track record of investigating, exposing or fighting political corruption in Washington, or anywhere,” says Andy Martin. “They lack the experience and ‘street smarts’ to ride herd on Washington. My first exposure to congressional sex scandals goes all the way back to 1966, although I did not become active in investigations until the 1970’s.

“Herman Cain says his ignorance of Washington is an asset. I demur. Likewise, Mitt Romney and some of the others are newbies. We ‘learned from newbies’ when George Bush, one of the most decent men ever to occupy the White House, went to Washington totally inexperienced, and cratered.

“Politics is not ‘going back in the bottle.’ The Democratic party has become a basket of vicious left-wing vipers. Weiner is a classic, two-faced Democratic Party hatchet man. By day he attacks Republicans; by night he tweets young women and engages in secret correspondence with pornstars. Weiner is a form of sexual predator. His behavior is straight out of the DSM.

“It is time to state the obvious: Weiner must go, and go quickly, to save the Democratic party from further embarrassment. Saturday I will have more to say about the criminal implications and basis for removing Weiner. Today I base my demand for resignation on policy grounds.

“In a memorable phrase, Justice Cardozo said that fiduciaries such as public officials are held to higher standards than the ‘morals of the marketplace’(see link below). In Cardozo’s words, Weiner holds an office with the ‘punctilio of an honor the most sensitive.’ Congress is not a frat house. So what is Weiner doing acting like a sex-starved teenage boy? He’s a married man; he took a vow to take care of those issues at home. Where’s Weiner’s ‘sensitivity,’ other than in his pants? He has yet to answer the question, ‘Is that you in the picture?’

“It is pretty obvious what happened. This is a ‘slip of the key’ case. Weiner was sending a sexual email to Ginger Lee, and pushed the wrong key, sending his underwear photo to Genette Cordova. But why was he sending his underpants to Ginger Lee? ‘Aye, there’s the rub.’ Is his Muslim wife allowing them to live under Moslem morals?

“Next week we will initiate an investigation in Weiner’s home district. Usually, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. I think we also need to interview Ginger Lee. It is clear that Weiner had some sort of serious meretricious relationship with her.

“Weiner can do his party a great service by resigning immediately, as Republican perverts usually do. If Weiner won’t step down, at Saturday’s news conference I will begin to outline the legal case and the process by which he can be removed,” Martin says.




Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Anthony Weiner should resign from Congress, immediately


Sidewalk, in front of 95 N. County Road, Palm Beach, Florida (U. S. Post Office)


Friday, June 3, 2011, 5:30 P.M.


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