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Presidential Candidate Andy Martin ready to claim New Hampshire GOP leader’s “scalp”

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin, also known as the Internet Powerhouse, notes that four months ago he promised to nail NH GOP leader Jack Kimball’s “scalp” to the table because of Kimball’s malicious and fraudulent attacks on Martin (see WMUR video). “Kimball’s scalp isn’t looking any too good,” Martin says.

Andy Martin says his February promise to remove NH GOP Chairman Jack Kimball is on schedule to succeed

Martin is continuing his radio attacks on Kimball and his cronies

Martin says Kimball is destroying the New Hampshire Republican Party



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Jack Kimball is destroying the New Hampshire Republican Party

Martin says NH Republican Chairman Jack Kimball should go before Kimball is forced out

Martin says Kimball doomed himself by attacking Martin with lies, distortions and misrepresentations

Martin says Kimball’s attacks placed Martin in the role of the presidential primary’s “Billy Jack,” fighting and exposing arrogance and corruption

Martin says he’s ready to smoke a peace pipe with the NH GOP and make a contribution to support the party’s activities

(MANCHESTER, NH)(June 29, 2011) Four months ago Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin promised to nail NH GOP leader Jack Kimball’s “scalp” to the wall (see WMUR-TV video link below). Today Kimball is on the verge of being removed as party leader and Martin continues to saturate New Hampshire's conservative radio programs with commercials attacking Kimball and his “galpal” Jennifer Horn.

In the WMUR-TV video (still on the station’s web site, see link below) Martin says that Barack Obama respects Martin because both men play politics by “Chicago Rules.” Beginning in May Martin has relentlessly pounded Kimball with radio ads attacking Kimball for being a malicious smear artist. “I just renewed the ads for July,” Martin notes. “I promised to run them through the primary, and beyond, and they are running. My word is good.”

“It can’t be helping Kimball’s fund raising that he is up against a presidential candidate who is committed to removing Kimball, even if I have to stay until November, 2012,” Martin says. “Kimball is a moron who has no business being a leader. When Kimball picked on me and lied about me, he picked on the wrong person.”

Martin’s radio advertisement attacking Kimball and Horn can be heard on his web site

“I represent New Hampshire values,” Martin says. “Free speech, integrity, open minds, and an open primary where all candidates compete on a level playing field. Who is Kimball to censor free speech? Kimball fancies himself a Chicago-style ‘boss’ who can pick and choose which candidates can be heard. Voters have a right to hear the candidates and make their own decision. I have news for Kimball: even the corrupt Chicago bosses never tried to censor me. They knew better.

“Kimball tried to attack me but ironically his smear backfired. Now people know who the honest candidate is in the presidential primary, the independent, conservative maverick Republican--me. And who is the skunk at the garden party? Why Kimball, of course. People hear my ads and they are embarrassed by the way I was treated. Ask Kimball what it’s like to raise money when you are being attacked on the radio as a political thug.

“I’m not sure who coined the term ‘Internet Powerhouse’ to apply to my attacks on Barack Obama, but I exposed Barack Obama as a socialist fraud when the entire Republican party establishment was paralyzed and silent. Only Sister Sarah and I had the guts and the tactical insight to see that if Republicans were afraid to fight Obama we would saddle the nation with an incompetent jerk in the White House. And Palin, of course, was muzzled by Senator John McCain. I took the personal battle to Obama all alone. Grandpa McCain was too busy defending Obama to defeat him.

“That’s why friend and foe call me the ‘Internet Powerhouse.’ I promised Kimball in February we were going to get him, and we will. Kimball thought my promise was a joke. He’s not laughing any more.

“I am a proud conservative and I am a proud Republican but I am independent of the party bosses, fixers, bundlers, backroom dealers and all of the dirty tricksters that gives politics a bad name. Kimball represents all that is stinky. He leaked lies about me to the media to undermine my campaign. Kimball bragged that he had a ‘black ops’ guy on his team. I can teach Jack a lesson or two about black ops.

“Unfortunately for Kimball, he created my campaign to remove him. He stabbed me in the back with a pack of lies, without so much as a courtesy phone call or an effort to resolve things without a public spat. He thinks his tactics represent leadership? Kimball is a moron.

“When I announced my candidacy for president in Concord in Concord on December 29th I promised to drive the agenda of the 2012 presidential campaign. Well, six months later, I am still in the driver’s seat. Donald Trump cribbed my research (Trump never had any ‘investigators’ of his own) to run up the Birther flag. My analysis of why Herman Cain was ‘not ready for prime time’ triggered Cain’s decline. And I am in the process of deflating Michele Bachmann, who is a deeply confused candidate.

“My TV ads claim I represent New Hampshire values. And, yes, I am New Hampshire tough. But I have also spent decades fighting corruption in the nation’s capital of corruption, Chicago and Illinois. So I find Jack Kimball’s arrogance and corruption intolerable.

“What are my goals? First, Kimball must go. Second, we need to work out a ‘Peace Plan’ to undo Kimball’s attacks on my campaign. Third, I will financially support the NH GOP, even to the point of making funds available to subsidize Herman Cain’s luncheon. Herman needs the help. His campaign is imploding. Fourth, I plan to campaign hard in the New Hampshire primary.

“I am committed to defeating Barack Obama for reelection. I have a reputation and a track record as a fighter against Obama. What track record do the other candidates have? They are afraid to even criticize each other; how can they handle a street fighter like Obama? The sooner I can get rid of Jack Kimball and focus on fighting Obama, the happier I will be,” Martin says.

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Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says his promise to “scalp” New Hampshire GOP Chairman Jack Kimball is on the verge of success; Martin will keep running attack ads until Kimball is removed.


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Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 - 1:00 P.M.

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