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Michele Bachmann’s candidacy amounts to Barack Obama’s best reelection strategy

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says President Barack Obama cannot win reelection on his own merits. Obama needs for the Republican Party to self-destruct. Bachmann’s candidacy will destroy any possibility of defeating Obama for reelection. Martin says the “chickens are coming home to roost”) (“Where have I heard that before?”) as Fox News’ pernicious impact on the Republican Party finally becomes obvious.

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Michele Bachmann could reelect President Barack Obama

Martin says Bachmann is Obama’s best surrogate



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Bachmann is a “creature and creation” of Fox News

Martin says Fox News harms Republicans by propping up “dead” candidates such as Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich with since-ended cash subsidies

Martin says Republicans erroneously believe Fox News is the “Republican channel;” it the money-for-Murdoch channel he says

Martin says Bachmann’s campaign will undermine the Republican Party’s efforts to defeat Barack Obama

“Bachman represents the rise of the Christofascist wing of the party,” Andy charges

(PALM BEACH, FL)(June 27, 2011) The Republican Party’s worst nightmare begins today: Barack Obama’s reelection campaign is launched in Iowa. Oh, you weren’t aware that Obama was in Iowa to announce his candidacy? Well, actually he isn’t there. Michele Bachmann is announcing for him.

I have a neighbor and we often chat on the sidewalk while he walks his dog. He likes to say a “ham sandwich” can defeat President Barack Obama for reelection in 2012. I don’t believe that.

I’ll start these remarks by flaunting my intellectual pretenses. I once heard the British philosopher Isaiah Berlin deliver a “colloquium” at Oxford discussing a ditty attributed to the Greek poet Archilochus: “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” Barack Obama is actually dumb, despite his reputed brilliance. He can’t lead, he can’t manage and he can’t inspire. Except in one dimension. Like the hedgehog Obama knows “one big thing:” he knows how to campaign and how to promote himself for office.

So when you hear people such as my neighbor compare Obama’s political fortunes to a ham sandwich, know that conceit and complacency is wrong. Dead wrong. Obama will be a formidable candidate in 2012 whatever the state of the economy and whatever the state of the American spirit. He will capture the zeitgeist and convince tens of millions of Americans he can “do it” if only he is given four more years.

Personally, I think Obama can be beaten by the right Republican. I’m not the only one, but I am among several that could probably accomplish the mission. My calling card is that I was Obama’s first critic (in 2004), laid out in a 2008 bestselling book many of Obama’s mysteries (see below) and understand the inner workings of the Obama “machine” better than anyone else I have encountered.

But I am obviously not one of the top five Republican presidential candidates. If you want to know where I think we stand nationally, it’s probably ninth place. I'm in the top ten, but not in the media’s line of sight right now. We are doing much better in New Hampshire.

So what does all of this have to do with Michele Bachmann?

Bachmann represents the rise of the Christofascist wing of the Republican Party. Hard economic times always create the conditions where delusion and paranoia can propagate. Bachmann’s appeal stems from her undiluted delusions and her extreme political paranoia. Unless someone stops Bachmann she will reverse the Republican Party’s momentum to remove Barack Obama.

No one can do more to reelect Barack Obama than Michele Bachmann. Except perhaps Fox News. Fox News, you say? You thought that was the “Republican” channel? Well yes and no. How does Fox News help Obama?

Fox News has already had two pernicious effects on the 2012 presidential election. First, Michele Bachmann is really a creature and creation of Fox News. Fox popularized her rants and made her a national figure. Secondly, Fox News has had numerous “presidential candidates” on the payroll, and provided endless visibility and viability for people that would not otherwise have any credibility. Fox News' propping up “dead” candidates does not exactly help the Republican Party. I speak, of course, of the superannuated Newton Gingrich and Rick Santorum. By publicizing and propping up dead horses like Gingrich and Santorum, Fox News actually hurts the Republican Party’s winnowing process. Ask any gardener (I’m one): if you water the weeds, the grass won’t grow.

So am I down on Bachmann? Not entirely. She’s amusing and entertaining as well as threatening. I would call Bachmann a charismatic airhead. But Bachmann is going to start doing real damage to the presidential campaign today. Put this column aside and reread it in six months. Remember, I spotted Obama as a fraud in 2004 and fought him in 2008 when most Republicans were passive and unresponsive about opposing Mr. O.

Bachmann, of course, is not going to be the next president. But she could well tip the scales and bring Texas Governor Rick Perry into the campaign as the Republican establishment desperately tries to stem a Bachmann tide.

Bachman destroys the image the party has projected since 1952. Republicans have portrayed themselves as the “party of governance.” You might not like Republicans, but you turn to them to “govern” when the Democrats can’t or won’t or screw things up. Governance elected Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Bush. And it elected Republican majorities in 2010. But Bachmann has no credentials as a governing leader.

Bachmann is basically a political fraud; she is an Obama-like creature of the conservative right. She is a paper maché created by Fox News to entertain and sell advertising, not win elections (remember, in 2008, Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, was groveling to and promoting Obama's candidacy, not McCain's). Bachmann has an agenda, hard-right social policies focused on abortion, just as Obama has his agenda, socialism on the left. I’ll have more to say about Bachmann’s bogus “Tea Party” credentials in a later column.

In 2007 we used to say that if a white man ran with Obama’s resume his candidacy would be a joke. The liberal media created an affirmative action president. Well if a man was running with Bachmann’s embarrassing resume, his candidacy would be a joke. The liberal media are about to stick it to the Republican Party by promoting Bachmann’s candidacy, and Republicans don’t even see the poisoned needle going in.

Bachmann says she was a “tax attorney.” Well, in some sense, she was. She went to a discredited right-wing law school that later lost its accreditation and went bust. Not exactly a law school to brag about, unless you are a right-wing activist. You had to take a loyalty oath to Jesus Christ to be admitted. She has apparently dissembled about a Master's Degree in law; we'll see how that one works out when the spotlight is turned on that claim. The IRS hires thousands of law school graduates who can’t otherwise find legal jobs to serve as “lawyers” for the IRS. They litigate small claims cases. Bachmann was a collection lawyer.

Can you find Bachmann listed as counsel in any federal court opinion, or appellate court opinion? Just ask Barack Obama. Obama was also a “lawyer” who never signed a lawsuit. How many lawsuits has “lawyer” Bachmann filed in U. S. District Court? None. Freedom of Information, anyone?

I have filed a Freedom of Information request with Minnesota authorities to release Bachmann’s foster care records. That is another Bachmann fraud. Listening to her you would think she had thirty people in her home. Untrue. Surprised? You should be surprised that I was the first person to dig for the documents. Mine is the first freedom of information request to open Bachmann’s foster care records. I am sure it will not be the last. As usual, when it comes to debunking bogus politicians, I am in the forefront, not the back of the parade.

Bachmann talks about her foster care “family.” But have you seen any of this “family” backing her lately? I haven’t. She’ll tell you the names of her kids are “secret” to protect the children’s' privacy. But privacy laws only apply to names if the now-adults want them to remain secret. All of the foster kids are adults now. Why would your “kids” want to remain secret if their “mom” is running for president? And if she saved the lives of this troop of children, as she claims? Would you remain secret and “private” if someone had saved your life? Doubtful.

I could go on, but you get the picture. In Minnesota, where investigative journalism is not exactly cutting edge, Bachmann has slipped through the screening. She represents her congressional district tolerably and in return is given a free pass to make ridiculous statements on Fox News. Her in-laws collect or have collected federal farm subsidies (while she rails against government handouts) and her husband pockets state cash we well. Do as I say, not as I do!

The bigger noose around Bachmann’s neck is that she is the ultimate culture warrior at a time when Obama has made a shambles of the economy and culture war is not on the agenda of most Americans. People want jobs; Bachmann wants to ban abortions. Her entire public career has been focused on making abortion illegal, and doing what she can to achieve that goal through thick and thin. Bachmann’s pro-life fangs are now being exposed as she tries to undercut Mitt Romney for not signing an absurd pro-life pledge to violate the U. S. Constitution.

She can’t conceal her own extremism. Like Doctor Strangelove’s arm, that wouldn't stay down, Bachmann is going to appeal to the pro-life wing of the party and send that wing into a frenzy. OK, that's her right as a candidate. But does this frenzy serve the broader purpose of defeating Obama for reelection? I don't think so.

Obama couldn’t be happier with Bachmann’s candidacy. (She is Pat Buchanan’s 1992 campaign against an as-yet undetermined “Bush” updated for 2012.) In fact if I were Obama and Michelle Obama, I’d make the maximum contribution to Bachmann’s campaign. Bachmann will do more to reelect Obama than Obama can do himself.

Bachmann cheapens the rhetoric of the Republican Party. She doesn’t have a platform. Instead she has a series of platitudes. “One-term president.” “Al-Qaeda in Libya.” “Repeal Obamacare.” This series of catch-phrases works well as sound bites. But they will wear thin very soon as Bachmann’s vacuity makes a joke of the Republican nominating process.

I have not taken the same oath as some of the other Republican candidates not to criticize my competitors. In the modern age, refusing to criticize your primary opponents is both stupid and suicidal for the party. If we don’t critique ourselves, Obama’s hit men will do it for us in September, 2012. Unlike Bachmann, I actually have some life experiences that qualify me to understand the world, and I can express complex thoughts. I am capable of being critical, and being correct about my criticism.

Obama is “praying” (Muslim or Christian?) for Bachmann to sink the Republican ship and ensure his reelection. From my analytical sources deep within Team Obama I can see that Obama & Co. are promoting a Bachmann candidacy as their best hope of scaring Americans into voting for Obama’s reelection.

Let me close with this warning to my presidential primary colleagues/competitors. Mr. Romney and Mr. Pawlenty and Mr. Perry: Gentlemen, if you don’t develop a strategy to undermine Michele Bachmann and expose her incompetence and unfitness for the presidency, and develop this strategy very soon, you will live to regret it.

You have been warned.

As for Fox News, once again Rupert Murdoch is laughing all the way to the bank.


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