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Andy Martin: CNN debate shows Republican candidates are out of touch with reality

CNN told Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin there was �no room at the inn� for Andy at Monday�s CNN �debate.� Andy returns the favor by quoting Psalm 118: �The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.� The maverick Republican presidential candidate provides his pungent purview of his opponents performance

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says his candidacy gains ground as other presidential candidates lose their senses

Martin says his campaign is rooted in traditional Republican party values



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says CNN wants to nominate Michele Bachmann to reelect Barack Obama

Martin analyzes the performance of the �seven dwarfs� who debated in New Hampshire Monday evening

(NEW YORK)(June 14, 2011) I�m not ready to predict I am going to win the New Hampshire primary. But after watching my opponents debate Monday night on CNN, I feel a lot closer to declaring victory and a lot more comfortable about the potential of a long shot upset.

I politely asked the debate sponsors to invite me to the debate. But realism and reality were not what CNN wanted to present.

Like Groucho Marx, I would always be uncomfortable being part of any club that wants me. Thankfully, CNN didn�t want me.

A couple of the other rejected candidates protested their exclusion. I did not protest because I knew what was coming. And it arrived.

My Republican Party opponents are in a race of their own all right, but it�s a race from reality.

I am left as the only Republican presidential candidate of reason and rationality. And I�m alone in the race.

My views are those of a traditional Republican conservative, may I say a �New Hampshire conservative.� I believe in the least possible government to get the job done. I believe in keeping taxes low, but getting the job done. I believe in local control and initiative, so long as the job gets done. My opponents are not traditional Republican conservatives, they are reconstructionists. They are making promises they can�t keep to people who are desperate to believe anything. That�s a recipe for reelecting Obama.

I have one advantage none of my opponents do. I know Barack Obama inside and out, as well if not better than he knows himself. Over the past seven years I have fought Obama tooth and nail, fighting for the facts about his past, fighting for the truth about his birth, fighting to defeat him in 2008 when the Republican Party was unwilling to fight back and defend against Obama�s attacks. And, yes, I can be a bare-knuckled Chicago street fighter when I have to. Obama knows that. Obama is rattled by my relentless pursuit, which his why his dirt diggers and mud merchants are always pursuing me in return.

Today my opponents are all bold anti-Obama warriors. Where were they in 2008? Truth be told, the current Republican presidential field is Barack Obama�s secret weapon.

President Kennedy popularized an old saying, �Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.� In 2008, the political class, the permanent government, fooled the American people. Obama was not remotely prepared to be president. Today the political class�big banks, big lobbyists, big media, big everything�are preparing to fool us a second time, with the charade that Republicans �have a strong field of candidates� and �any one of them can defeat Obama in 2012.� Dream on.

Pundits say Romney won Monday by not losing. Not much to say there.

Newton Gingrich? The incredible shrinking candidate. Sean Hannity relentlessly fantasizes that Gingrich can demolish Barack Obama in a debate. Gingrich had a hard time contending with Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum. Gingrich is nothing more than a cynical peddler, selling his books and TV wares.

Santorum? Well, Santorum.

Pawlenty? He likes to call himself �T Paw,� but that cat has no paws. He attacks Romney outside the auditorium but is afraid to go for the jugular inside on the stage. �No paws T Paw.�

That leaves the �big three,� Cain, Paul and Bachmann.

Cain must be pissed at me. I kept the pressure on CNN to raise the issue of Cain�s anti-Muslim bigotry, and they did. Cain sounded stupider and stupider. Every time he explains his racism and bigotry against one of the world�s religions, he undermines his own legitimacy. Cain should go back and read some of President George W. Bush�s speeches after 9/11. Cain is fading fast. With no real dough coming in, Cain lacks yeast to continue rising, so he will start falling.

Ron Paul? I actually like almost all of Paul�s ideas. But I like them in moderation. Paul takes good ideas and takes them to the extremes, where he loses me. And loses the American people. Paul looked so frail on the stage I was afraid he would keel over. Paul wants to withdraw from the world, and issue a pitchfork to every American for �defense.� I believe we can shave our overseas commitments. But, to pull another catch phrase from the past, �mend it, don�t end it.� A world in which the United States no longer exists as we know it today will be a world on the road to chaos. Kennedy also said �Life isn�t fair.� We love to count our blessings as Americans. But we are always trying to discount the burdens which accompany those blessings.

Donald trump told a lot of lies during his short-lived publicity campaign for his reality show. But Trump told one truth, �Paul is not going to be president.� So Paul labors on with extreme solutions grafted onto fundamentally rational ideas. I would have Ron Paul in my administration. He is a big picture man, not a president.

That laves the candidate some pundits called the �winner� Monday night, Michele Bachmann. Bachmann, of course, is the favorite of the leftist media such as CNN and MSNBC. That should tell you something. To hear Bachmann talk, she is a heavy hitter in the halls of congress. But she couldn�t even get accepted in a secondary leadership role by her colleagues in the House; they know what a lightweight she is. They turned her down. Flat. Now she wants to lead the world.

No one ever said Tea Partiers were smart. They delighted in defeating Republicans in 2010 and in handing control of the U. S. Senate back to the Democrats. Could you imagine how much better things would be today if Republicans also controlled the U. S. Senate? Thanks to the Tea Party, we don�t.

Tea Partiers are a lot like Ron Paul. They have great ideas but self-defeating execution. I accept Tea Partiers� theology but I often reject their preaching.

So, what about Bachmann? The left-wing media love Bachmann because she is entertaining, and she proves there is a radical right that will take the bait for extremist, simplistic solutions. No Republican candidate who is supported by the leftist media can win the presidency. The mainstream media want Bachmann to win so she can lose, and lose big time, to Barack Obama. How stupid can Republicans be? Pretty stupid.

Michelle Bachmann is a great entertainer, but not much more. Here are three reasons.

First, Bachmann endlessly repeats that she had five children of her own, as well as 23 foster children. Once again, Bachmann manifests the �Tea Party syndrome,� sound ideas laminated with wacky execution. Bachmann doesn�t tell us how many foster kids she had at any one time in her home, and we can be sure all 23 were not there at the same time. Or were they? Who knows? No one dared to ask.

Ask any parent with five children, is providing for five kids easy? Not at all. Five kids are a lot of work, even with a husband who helps. But because Bachmann lacks internal controls (which is why she often blurts out nonsense) she took on the care (presumably over a period of time) of two dozen more children.

Foster kids are often neglected and abused. They need lots of personal attention. How much personal attention and individual care can a mother give that already works full-time and has five kids of her own for starters? So, when you look closer into the �23 foster kids story,� it really reflects poorly on Bachmann�s judgment as a parent, as a mother, and as an adult.

Then there is Bachmann�s war against the environment. Here Bachmann is completely unhinged. I do not doubt that EPA bureaucrats exceed their authority and their mandate from time to time. But the Republican Party has historically been the party of the environment. The EPA was created by a Republican president. Bachmann wants to wage war on the EPA.

Out in the boondocks where Bachmann grew up and lived, environmental problems may not have been as obvious when she was a child (although excessive pig and chicken production are a just a couple of the constant threats to the environment of Iowa today, Bachmann�s home state).

Let me speak directly to Michele: �Michele, I have lived in big cites. I remember when you would have dirty linens, full of soot, if you opened your windows in Chicago or New York. I remember when GE was dumping PCB�s in the Hudson River, and contaminated that great waterway. I remember when the air was not fit to breathe in many of our cities. No, cleaning up the environment is never easy. It has taken decades to undo the damage of decades. And, yes, occasionally the EPA oversteps.

But I am not willing to pander to your base, Michele, and tell them we should do away with the EPA and let big business start polluting all over again. No thank you. I support the EPA when it�s right, and as president would correct its abuses when the agency is wrong.�

In fact, the �abolish the EPA� mentality is a large part of what�s wrong with both political parties. Both Democratic and Republican candidates are funded by large law firms and lobbyists, big business and Wall Street crooks and polluters. That�s why the American people despise Washington and despise the Congress. Voters are not stupid.

My observations on the deficiencies in my opponents may irritate some Republicans. But my campaign is grounded in reality not fantasy. Americans want to remove Obama not because he is a Democrat but because he is a socialist and radical. (I was the first person to call Obama a �socialist� on national TV which is one of the reasons he despises me.) Ordinary Americans identify �conservatism� with conservative ideas, conserving what we have, not gambling on untested theories and self-defeating and simplistic solutions to solving the problems of a complex world.

No, CNN told me there was �no room at the Inn� for me on Monday night. But, as my coreligionists on the religious right are aware, Saint Peter reminds us in scripture that �The stone the builders rejected became the cornerstone.� If I�ve got Groucho Marx and St. Peter in my corner, now you know why Obama is afraid of my candidacy.

I�ll be in New Hampshire on Thursday to tape three new TV commercials. (An announcement with specifics will come late Tuesday morning.)


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