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NEW YORK NEWS CONFERENCE Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain should withdraw

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference today, June 11th to suggest that Presidential Candidate Herman Cain‘s attacks on Muslims should disqualify him as a candidate. Martin says CNN is promoting a protofascist candidate in the Republican Party.

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says CNN should not be promoting a New Hampshire “debate” featuring a protofascist Republican candidate, Herman Cain

Martin says Herman’s Cain’s racist attacks on American Muslims should disqualify him as a presidential candidate

Martin says Cain’s racist/religious bigotry is straight from the Jim Crow handbook



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds a New York news conference today, Saturday, June 11th to accuse CNN of promoting a protofascist candidate for president

Martin says Herman Cain’s attacks on Muslims should disqualify Cain as a presidential candidate

Martin says Herman Cain has become a major problem for the Republican Party

Andy calls Herman Cain a “conservative con man”

(NEW YORK)(June 11, 2011) Today, Saturday, June 11th, Corruption-fighting Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference at 2:00 P.M. to suggest that CNN is promoting a protofascist candidate in its debate Monday June 13th and that Herman’s Cain’s racist attacks on American Muslims should disqualify Cain as a candidate.

Martin says Cain should step down before he embarrasses himself further.

Martin says that as he predicted last month, allowing Cain to participate as an “affirmative action” presidential candidate is backfiring on the Republican Party. “No white candidate would be taken seriously with Cain’s nonexistent resume,” Martin says. “Cain is shrewdly playing the race card, big time.”

Martin says that he is not condemning Fox News at this time, because Cain did not make his racist views known until after a South Carolina debate sponsored by Fox News. But Martin says Fox News’s continued promotion of Cain will also backfire.

“Last month I wrote a column in which I said Herman Cain was ‘not ready for prime time,’” Martin says. “Was that ever an understatement. I pointed to Cain’s attacks on Muslims (see links below) and his refusal to consider Muslims for federal appointments.

“Even while fighting the War on Terror President George W. Bush never stooped to racist attacks on American Muslims, or to demonizing the Islamic religion.

“Cain’s bigotry is something to behold,” Martin says. “Cain’s anger at Muslims is a projection of the Jim Crow bigotry Cain experienced growing up as a child. Now Cain is taking out his inner anger on American Muslims.

“Unlike Cain, I have had a front row seat in the war against terrorism and extremism. But I would never suggest that Muslims are suspect as a class, or that they should be subjected to Cain’s Jim Crow ‘Poll Tax’ before being allowed to serve in our government. Is he going to impose his anti-Muslim bigotry on postal employees? Or merely presidential appointees?

“Cain originally made an outrageous anti-Muslim statement last month. Instead of retreating, he has now taken his bigotry to a new level, by going on the Glenn Beck show and repeating that he favors some sort of religious ‘test’ for Muslim appointees.

“In effect, Cain is reliving the discrimination he experienced in the Jim Crow south by taking out his inner anger on Muslims and treating them as a lower form of life.

“I am a strong supporter of the war against terror. Unlike Barack Obama and Janet Napolitano I do not hesitate to use the words ‘war’ and ‘terror’ in the same phrase. I even think Islam is part of our problem, contrary to former President Bush’s post 9/11 mantra.

“But I would never discriminate against Muslims who were candidates for appointment to the federal government. Like former President Bush I believe in Muslim outreach, not rejection.

“Why is CNN allowing a shameless racist like Cain to ‘debate?’ Why is the Republican Party allowing Cain to make racist rants? Twelve years ago, President George Bush engaged in outreach to the Muslim community, and won most of their votes; after 9/11 he went out of his way to treat Muslims with dignity and respect. The former president must be shaking his head at Cain’s unreconstructed racism.

“I predicted Cain would become a problem for Republicans, and he has. The man is totally unqualified to be a serious candidate. I saw Cain on the O’Reilly Factor and Cain was an embarrassment. Cain knows absolutely nothing and all he does is babble on about his simplistic solutions having no substance.

“Cain doesn’t tell us about his checkered business past at Aquila Corporation, where he sat by idly as ‘energy traders’ destroyed the corporation (see link blow). A lot of loyal Republicans are being bamboozled by Cain’s attractive after-dinner speaking style. But there is no substance to go along with the style.

“It is amusing that the Republicans, who are unfairly called ‘racists’ by the Democrats, are allowing a conservative con man to muddy up their primary elections and television debates. Bill O’Reilly obviously knew nothing about Aquila Corporation. Does CNN? Do Republican leaders in New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina?

“Every candidate is allowed to present themselves in their most favorable light. I do it, everyone does it. But we look at how candidates are conducting their campaigns. I have been in the public arena for over forty years and I have never made a racist statement. As a writer I have published millions of words without attacking Islam, African-Americans or anyone else.

“Despite my substantial public record, in February I was the target of a rabid attack by controversial New Hampshire Republican Jack Kimball, based on his use of excerpts-out-of context from a 30 year-old lawsuit. Indeed, Barack Obama’s ‘smear machine’ regularly smears me with the same thirty and forty year-old material. But even Obama’s vaunted mud merchants can’t come up with anything more current to use against me.

“Cain? Cain is spewing his racist, Jim Crow anti-Muslim rhetoric right in the middle of the 2011-2012 presidential campaign. And the mainstream media pretend not to see or hear Cain’s diatribes. Affirmative action, anyone?

“The refusal of the Republican Party to call out Cain’s racist remarks, and the party’s toleration of a double and lower standard for an African-American candidate, are helping, not hurting, Obama. Rather than being an asset, as Cain suggests he is, Cain is actually a growing liability to the Republican Party.

“The media that promote Cain are also endangering Americans abroad. People around the world are asking themselves, ‘How can an outright anti-Muslim racist campaign for the presidency within the Republican Party? Where is the George W. Bush wing of the Republican Party?’” Martin will demand Saturday afternoon. “Mr. Cain’s views are protofascist. I will not stand by silently and allow the Republican Party electorate to be misled. I am a conservative. I am a traditional Republican conservative. I am not a protofascist, racist or bigot and I will not hesitate to condemn bigotry masquerading as political speech.”




Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says CNN is promoting a protofascist candidate for president


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