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New York News Conference: Andy Martin opens sex probe, says U. S. House must investigate Rep. Anthony Weiner

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a LaGuardia Airport news conference today, June 4th to recommend that Speaker John Boehner initiate an impeachment investigation of Congressman Anthony Weiner. Martin is flying to New York to open a sexual impropriety investigation Sunday in Congressman Weiner’s congressional district

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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will hold a LaGuardia Airport news conference today, June 4th to recommend that Speaker John Boehner initiate an impeachment investigation of Congressman Anthony Weiner. Martin is flying to New York to open a sexual impropriety investigation Sunday in Congressman Weiner’s congressional district.

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Representative Anthony Weiner should be investigated for possible impeachment

Martin says Speaker John Boehner should open an impeachment investigation of Weiner’s possible criminality; did Weiner use U. S. Government computers to contact pornstar Ginger Lee?

Martin has been involved in exposing congressional sex scandals since the 1970’s



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin holds a LaGuardia Airport news conference today, Saturday, June 4th as he continues to attack Rep. Anthony Weiner

Martin says Weiner is making a laughingstock of the House of Representatives

Martin says it is time for the House of Representatives to establish standards of conduct for House members

Martin says Weiner has yet to explain his connection with pornstar Ginger Lee

Andy Martin is one of the Republican Party’s veteran cyberwarriors and waged a relentless Internet campaign against President Barack Obama; Martin is highly skeptical of Weiner’s “hacking” claims

(NEW YORK)(June 4, 2011) Corruption-fighting Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin has cut short a Florida campaign swing and will hold a LaGuardia Airport news conference today, Saturday June 4th at 7:50 P.M. to recommend that House Speaker John Boehner initiate impeachment proceedings against Representative Anthony Weiner.

Martin is a former adjunct professor of law at City University of New York; he has over thirty years of experience investigating and exposing congressional imbroglios going back to the Wayne Hayes sex scandal and even earlier House embarrassments.

“Sex scandals seem to be increasing in the Internet Age,” Martin says. “Speaker John Boehner should grab the initiative and open a formal impeachment investigation against Representative Anthony Weiner. There is an overwhelming constitutional basis to do so.

“First, we need to know if Weiner was in fact using public computers, i. e. U. S. taxpayer computers, to conduct his private sex life with pornstar Ginger Lee. Is there a House ethics standard allowing use of House computers for private sexual activity? There should not be. Was Weiner storing photographs of his sexual organs on House computers, i.e. using public property for his sexcapades? Taxpayers are entitled to unequivocal answers, not an ‘investigation’ by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. House investigators should interview pornstar Ginger Lee under oath.

Second, Weiner has clearly violated House Rules that mandate reporting of security braches to House Authorities. Weiner has consistently and repeatedly said there was a security breach but then refused to take any action in response to his own allegations. The failure to obey and abide by House rules that mandate the reporting of security breaches for investigation by House staff is a sufficient basis to open an impeachment investigation.

“Third, Weiner appears to be the new ‘Balloon Boy’ of the House. He appears to be alleging something that he knows to be false, namely a ‘hacking,’ in order to forestall a criminal investigation by the House and FBI. If there really was a criminal hacking incident—remember that the hacker who hacked into Sarah Palin’s email system in 2008 went to jail—then Weiner is covering up criminal activity to conceal his own unethical and possibly criminal acts. Should ‘misprison of felony’ rear its unseemly head again?

“Fourth, Weiner may be using Clintonesque language to conceal his sexual activity. He says he didn’t ‘send’ the underpants picture to the college student. I believe that. He intended to ‘send’ the picture to pornstar Ginger Lee, not the student. It all depends on what your definition of ‘send’ is.

“I could go on, but you get the picture. The House of Representatives is given broad, independent constitutional authority to supervise the ethical, financial and technical conduct of its members, particularly where U. S. Government computers are being sued for private sexual purposes. To open an impeachment investigation does not necessarily mandate that Weiner actually be impeached. In its initial phases, an impeachment investigation serves the function of a grand jury, which investigates potential questionable activity. It is not until the House actually indicts, by adopting articles of impeachment, that Weiner goes on trial in the senate.

“Coincidently, Weiner’s abuse of authority is taking place simultaneously with the indictment of former Senator John Edwards for possible misuse of quasi-public campaign funds for personal reasons. There has been a great deal of media controversy over whether what Edwards did is a ‘crime.’ But the House does not have to find criminal activity to open an impeachment investigation. It merely needs to open an investigation to make an independent determination of the facts and to ascertain whether Weiner is breaking House rules and procedures by using a private law firm to cover up his public misconduct. The initial ‘probable cause’ to open an investigation is overwhelming. That is what I am asking Speaker Boehner to do.

“Republicans should take the lead in raising ethical standards in Washington, and not merely watch the Weiner scandal from the sidelines. As a presidential candidate, I would urge the Speaker to take the initiative. Former Speaker Pelosi said she would supervise the most ethical House when she took control.

“I cut short my Florida campaign trip to open a sexual impropriety investigation of Weiner in his congressional district. Over thirty years of experience observing and investigating Washington sex scandals tells me that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Weiner’s misbehavior did not begin and end with pornstar Ginger Lee, that’s for sure.”

Martin’s previously scheduled immigration news conferences in Florida have been postponed to later during the week of June 6th in New York.




Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Congressman Anthony Weiner should be investigated for possible impeachment; Martin is opening a sex probe of Weiner in Weiner’s congressional district


LaGuardia Airport, Delta Airlines terminal (arrival area)


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