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Andy Martin backs Iowa ban on gay marriage and impeachment of judges

Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative columnist Andy Martin announced Sunday that his national campaign supports a ban on gay marriage and removal of Iowa Supreme Court judges who voted to impose gay marriage on the people of Iowa. Martin obtains a head start in what could become battleground issues in the Republican Party’s primaries and caucuses. Martin, who is appealing for Tea Party support locally and nationally, says social and fiscal conservatives must unite in a “Grand Alliance” to remove Barack Obama from the White House.

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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin tells Iowa conservatives he will assist them in rejecting gay marriage for Iowa

Martin says Iowa Supreme Court judges who voted to impose gay marriage on the state should be removed

Martin is actively soliciting Tea Party/conservative support and says the fact that he is willing to stand up for conservative issues early in the primary/caucus process offers his campaign as a rallying point on controversial issues

Martin’s move ensures that opponents of gay marriage and impeachment of Iowa judges will have a candidate in the Republican Party’s presidential caucuses

(NEW YORK)(January 17, 2011) Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin announced Sunday that he supports efforts to ban gay marriage in Iowa and to remove Iowa Supreme Court judges that voted to impose gay marriage on that state by judicial fiat.

In a letter to State Representative Kim Pearson, Martin said:

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January 15, 2011

Hon. Kim Pearson
Iowa House of Representatives
1007 E. Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50319-1008

Re: Gay Marriage and Impeachment of Supreme Court Judges

Dear Representative Pearson:

Twenty-three years ago the Reverend Pat Robertson encouraged me to join the Republican Party, and I did. While I approach every issue on an individual basis, I strongly support the overall concept of a conservative social agenda.

One of the reasons I am running for president is to ensure that all Republican candidates address and discuss issues which are of great importance to conservatives. Too often Republicans want to tiptoe around controversial issues. I am working hard to ensure Republicans have a primary/caucus season where we conduct a serious adult conversation on the issues and do not reduce the candidate selection process to sound bites.

In Illinois, social conservatives have been decimated by poor leadership. Last year the state elected a closeted gay U.S. Senator, Mark Kirk, who promptly voted to introduce homosexuality into the military.

I was Barack Obama’s first critic, and have been a leader in exposing the serious questions which swirl around his legitimacy as a president.

My Iowa supporters bought your meeting in Council Bluffs to my attention. I want to strongly endorse your efforts and the efforts of your colleagues, and to offer any support I can.

The People of Iowa are subjected to judicial tyranny when judges can impose social legislation by judicial fiat. As a young law student at the University of Illinois, I was a small part of a large team that successfully exposed judicial corruption and forced two corrupt judges off the Illinois Supreme Court. I have led successful judicial corruption investigations in many states.

Although the actually announcement date of my presidential campaign was triggered by Hawai’i Governor Neil Abercrombie’s attack on “Birthers” who want more evidence of family history from Barack Obama, I have an extensive resume in foreign policy and national advocacy. My campaign web page and blogs provide a great deal of information. At the bottom of the news release accompanying a copy of this letter you can find links to listen to my announcement and to talk radio interviews which have been posted on the internet.

Please feel free to contact my offices when you need help or advice. If you need to meet with me in person, I can jump on a plane and be there for a meeting with you or any other concerned Iowans that want to cast off the yoke of judicial tyranny and live in a state where holy matrimony is still consecrated between a man and a woman.

Gay marriage is the battering ram which would be used to destroy the family structure in America. We surely have enemies abroad; but it is the enemies here at home of the America we know and love that can cause this nation to founder.

Faithfully yours in Christ,




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