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Andy Martin’s letter to Google complaining about left-wing, pro-Obama bias

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Dear Republican/Reader: I believe my letter raises serious concerns about left-wing media bias on the Internet and would like to share my thoughts with you. I hope you will find my comments about Google cogent and provocative. The issues I raise should concern every Republican regardless of whom they support for president.

There is no doubt in my mind that Obama and his sycophants are using, have used and will use again in 2012, every covert means and medium he can to subvert the democratic process. While I am admittedly a “dark horse” presidential candidate, I am the leading and perhaps the only candidate who is fighting to protect your right to an Internet which is free from subversive manipulation and political correctness.


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January 21, 2011

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Dear Counsel:

I am writing to lodge a formal complaint with Google concerning apparent tampering with your algorithms related to Google News and Google Alerts coverage of opponents of President Barack Hussein Obama.

I previously helped expose how Wikipedia (and its tax-exempt foundation) was defrauding the Internet public by rigging reports on prominent individuals who are critics of Obama. Left-wing operatives had “locked” favorable reviews of Obama, and had locked negative reports of his opponents (including me).

Wikipedia originally sought to take refuge in the Communications Decency Act but was forced by my litigation to admit the CDA did not protect Wikipedia because it was not a passive purveyor and was instead actively editing and censoring allegedly impartial reports on the site.

My litigation and investigation of Wikipedia continues and later today I will be asking the IRS to revoke Wikipedia’s tax-exempt status since it is a politically motivated and politically controlled pro-Obama medium. I have no problem with people being either pro or anti-Obama. That is the source of strength of our democracy. But I do not think taxpayers should subsidize such blatant political activity when it masquerades as "impartial" information.

Now back to Google. Both news reports and my blogs used to appear regularly in my own Google Alerts, as well as on Google News (particularly through For about six months (I am not exactly sure when the change occurred; it could be longer) I disappeared from these media. My belief is that just as Wikipedia is a left-wing-directed smear operation of Obama’s supporters, your algorithms have been doctored to portray Obama’s opponents in an unfavorable light or no light at all. That appears to be the case.

Note the contrast between “Bing” and “Google.” Using the generic search criteria “Andy Martin” I took a screen shot of both just before finalizing this letter. Bing leads with a news item, sourced to Google apparently eliminated from the Google search engine precisely because it was a repository of Andy Martin material. (I have no link to, interest in or other connection with; I am merely an Internet user of the service). Bing is obviously less biased than Google (although both provide prominence for the “dirty” site Wikipedia).

A few days ago David Diersen, a person who assembles a daily email on Illinois politics, inserted a link to a report on my upcoming New Hampshire speech. That link never appeared on Google. I have no idea where Diersen got his link but it did not come from Google.

My legal conclusion is that Google has manipulated and edited is algorithms to portray me and other Obama critics in an unfavorable light and to literally erase much of our presence in cyberspace. For example, what came up near the top on Google (see enclosed page) was a more than two-year-old attack by a George Soros-financed Obama/left-wing smear machine, Media Matters. It is not accidental that Google highlights left-wing and negative reporting concerning me. Your algorithms have targeted coverage of my name to attack me (and other Obama critics) and to place me in an unfavorable light.

This letter is a polite request to review your search criteria and to rebalance your search engine by, inter alia, returning search engine coverage to

Only if we are unable to resolve our dispute in an amicable manner will we resort to litigation.

The public should have confidence that Google and its employees, and particularly its engineers and programmers, are not stooges and front men (women) for a left-wing political agenda and a relentless attempt to smear Obama’s opponents with biased and unbalanced coverage. In my opinion, the current efforts of Google fall far short of impartiality and neutrality.

I would appreciate an expeditious, detailed and hopefully favorable response. I don’t think a private corporate has any “business” taking sides in political debts or trying to slant the news in favor of the left-wing.

Respectfully submitted,



P. S. You should be aware that after my initial news release appeared on the Internet, I received numerous responses, all of which reflected a belief in the bias of your search engine coverage. You are losing the public appearance of impartiality and neutrality.

© by Andy Martin 2011 All rights reserved

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