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Andy Martin calls on Hawai’i Governor to release Obama birth certificate or resign as governor

Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative columnist Andy Martin says that Hawai’i Governor Neil Abercrombie’s latest drama reflects either an ignorance or avoidance of the record created by his predecessor Governor Linda Lingle, whose Director of Health Chiyome Fukino said repeatedly she personally viewed the original birth certificate. If Fukino had no problem accessing Obama’s original document, Martin asks “Why is Abercrombie experiencing a problem?”

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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin tells Hawai’i Governor Abercrombie to either release Barack Obama’s birth certificate or resign as governor

Martin says there is a cover-up in progress

Martin points out that Chiyome Fukino said she had seen the contested birth certificate; why hasn’t Abercrombie called her?

The existence of Martin’s presidential candidacy is ratcheting up liberal media pressure on Obama to release Obama's original birth certificate

(CHICAGO)(January 19, 2011) Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin has written Hawai’i Governor Neil Abercrombie and told Abercrombie to “cut the malarkey” over Abercrombie’s efforts to conceal Barack Obama’s original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate. Martin told Abercrombie:

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January 19, 2011

Hon. Neil Abercrombie
Governor, State of Hawai’i
State Capitol
Honolulu, HI 96813
via fax (808) 586-0006

Re: Barack Obama’s original, typewritten (“long-form”) Birth Certificate

Dear Governor Abercrombie:

Almost seven years ago I wrote the first investigative articles about then State Senator Barack Obama’s hidden family history. I went on to write a book about Obama. My appearance on Hannity's America in October, 2008 created a massive left-wing reaction. My truth-seeking later became a focal point of controversy during the 2008 presidential campaign.

In so far as I am aware, I was the first investigative author to land in Hawai’i and to start asking questions locally about Obama's birth. I love the people of Hawai’i.

Later, I also tried to contact you. My original letter to you accompanies this letter. You did not respond.

On Christmas Eve 2010 you claimed you wanted to take on the “birthers” and to disclose the truth about Obama’s opaque origins. It seems to me you have done exactly the opposite, trying to avoid the facts and to obscure the truth about the Mysterious Mr. Obama, and ignoring the prior factual history of this controversy.

On October 31st, 2008, on the last weekend before the presidential election, and presumably in response to the firestorm I had stirred up, Chiyome Fukino said she had gone into the state archives and located Obama’s original typewritten, long-form birth certificate (see link below). When the “Birther” controversy flared again in 2009 Fukino was emphatic that she had access to and preserved the original 1961 document (see second link below). So why are you ignoring the history of Fukino’s statements?

If Fukino had no problem locating the original document, why are you?

My experience with Hawai’i state government is that it is the most corrupt bunch of crooks on the western side of Springfield, Illinois, were corruption is a fine art. In Hawai’i I have encountered crooked state court judges, crooked state officials, crooked everything where Obama's personal history is concerned.

The Hawai’i birth secrecy statutes were meant to protect the information of private citizens. Most states now have similar laws because of the epidemic of identity theft. These secrecy laws were never intended to shield the privacy of the nation’s preeminent public citizen, the President of the United States. In any other state but Hawai’i, where there is obvious doubt about Obama's origins, the birth certificate of a locally-born president would be on display in the state archives or maybe the capitol. But not in Hawai’i.

Obama has created his own mess with the birth certificate. Some people believe Obama was born in Kenya. I happen to believe Obama was born in Hawai’i but that there is other information on the long-form he wants to shield. I doubt Obama was born in a hospital or attended to by a physician. I have other doubts as well. But even I have to admit the “evidence” is ambiguous, which is why the original documents are so critical.

One of the reasons I am running for president is because Republicans well as Democrats have been unwilling to address the issues of Obama's origins and constitutional eligibility. Today the “Birther” movement that my efforts created attracts the attention of over 100 million Americans. While “Birther” issues were not treated seriously by the mainstream media, “Birther” doubts contributed to the Democratic Party’s debacle in November.

If you keep up your fandango about not being able to find a document that Chiyome Fukino says she found easily (have you called Fukino to ask her where she “found” Obama’s long-form?) you are personally going to contribute to a nationwide Democratic Party debacle in 2012. A conservative Republican friend of mine, who always dismissed the birth certificate brouhaha in the past, is now beginning to doubt the truth in the wake of your legerdemain. Yes, your behavior is already having adverse consequences.

So, please, governor, cut the malarkey and release the original document without further ado. If you are not willing to discharge your constitutional duty to release historical archives which may or may not cast doubts on the eligibility of Barack Obama to serve as president, every American is entitled to draw an adverse inference (i.e. that Obama is not constitutionally eligible) and you should immediately resign the office of governor.

While this is an adversarial matter, I am not an adversarial person. I am willing to deal with you or your staff on a cordial and professional basis if you wish to contact me.

If, on the other hand, you chose to continue to make Obama’s missing birth certificate a political issue, my presidential campaign is there to ensure that the issue remains on the front burner of the Republican Party’s primaries and caucuses.

May I hear from you promptly?

Respectfully submitted,







Republican Presidential Candidate, Internet Powerhouse and Obama truth warrior Andy Martin


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Andy Martin asks Hawai’i Governor Neil Abercrombie to either “cut the malarkey” or admit he has destroyed evidence of Barack Obama’ presidential ineligibility


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Andy’s original letter to then-Congressman Neil Abercrombie

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Anthony R. Martin, J. D.
Executive Editor

March 24, 2009

Hon. Neil Abercrombie
U. S. House
Washington, DC 20515
via fax (202) 225-4580

Re: Obama/Dunham/Manoa/UH/1960-1961

Dear Representative Abercrombie:

I have written a book on Barack Obama [] and I am also considered an expert on the birth certificate issue []. I am working on a new book about Obama.

We are going to be hosting the first National Conference on Obama April 3-4 in Washington, DC. []

Your political views and mine may not line up, because I am a critic of President Obama. Nevertheless, I try to separate my personal feelings from historical research. In particular, I separate “politics” from history. President Obama’s election is a historical fact and it must be researched in a spirit of fairness and impartiality.

I find the milieu of 1960 UH/Manoa and Obama/Dunham, etc. absolutely fascinating. As near as I can tell, you are one of the few remaining persons alive that knew the principals well on campus.

I would love to interview you about the 1960 period in Honolulu. Obviously, you were “present” in some form or fashion at the birth of a president. My interest in meeting is not hostile or adversarial but just to plumb what you remember about this extraordinary period and situation.

If you are reluctant to have me write about our meeting I would be willing to have any tape or record donated to the UH to be impounded until 2016. I don’t know if you have spoken or are speaking with other authors who are currently writing.

I will be available in Washington April 2nd and the morning of April 3rd if you would afford me the courtesy of an interview.

Respectfully submitted,




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