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Tucson murders have Hollywood source says Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin

Martin says that left-wing media are trying to scapegoat law-abiding Republicans for the tragedy in Arizona when the real culprits are the people who fund the Democratic Party: the violence-saturated Hollywood media community that floods America with violent films, violent TV programs and violent video games. “Instead of scapegoating Republicans, the Democratic Party should be asking itself if it can afford to be the political arm of the violence-profiteering Hollywood media establishment,” Martin charges.

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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann is "unhinged” and should be taken off the air.

Martin condemns Olbermann’s attacks on the Republican Party and says Olbermann was completely silent on the violence-saturated Hollywood media community that is financing Democrats from coast-to-coast and currently Rahm Emmanuel’s mayoral campaign in Chicago

“If anyone is responsible for the carnage in Tucson,” Martin says, “It is liberal Democrats that are under the ‘mind control’ of the despicable Hollywood media elite which is addicted as a matter of corporate policy to peddling violence in our society for fast cash, while ignoring the consequences of saturating young minds with relentlessly violent images

Law-abiding Republicans are not the source of the violence in America, Martin says, the Hollywood media elite that fund Democrats are

Andy Martin defends the Tea Party from left-wing media attacks

Martin says Gene Robinson of the Washington Post should also be retired

(PALM BEACH, FL)(January 8, 2011) Two days ago I issued a statement that separated myself from disruptive behavior. The remarks can be seen on my web site and are also on the Internet and my Facebook page. In response to screaming in the House of Representatives, I said:

“I do not condone disruptions. Those sorts of tactics are not part of my campaign repertoire… I am committed to peaceful democratic tactics—primary elections, conventions, caucuses, speeches and the like--as the means of defeating Obama.”

I am in the last couple of days of a family vacation. This afternoon I took my mother to a church pageant at Bethesda-By-The-Sea Episcopal Church. Obviously, my cell-phone was turned off. We later had a family dinner with close friends. It was a delightful evening. I didn’t know my campaign staff was frantically trying to reach me to alert me to the tragedy in Tucson.

First, I express my profound sympathy for the victims of the shooting in Tucson. The murders are truly a national tragedy.

Second, I had no idea when I issued my remarks two days ago that violence would break out within hours. But tonight I am certain that the murders in Tucson were the result of a deranged individual, not talk show rhetoric. And, no, when a mental patient commits a crime, the criminal act is not an "attempted assassination" as the media are trying to portray the attacks, but simply a criminal act.

I turned on the TV to see what was being said and I was disgusted by what I heard. On CNN, Roland Martin was trying to scapegoat Sarah Palin for the Tucson incident. That was a despicable accusation.

But it was on the self-styled home-page of left-wing America, MSNBC, that I saw Keith Olbermann and Gene Robinson of the Washington Post become unhinged.

Olbermann read a “special comment” that should be his ticket into a mental institution. In his own way, Olbermann is just as mentally unstable as the shooter, Jared Loughner.

Olbermann accused Governor Sarah Palin, Representative Alan West, former candidate Sharon Angle, The Tea Party movement, and Fox News’ Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, of being complicit in the Tucson mayhem. Olbermann did not blame any Democrats, only Republicans, for the massacre.

But Olbermann’s silence concerning the greatest purveyor of violence in our society, the Hollywood media elite that literally flood our movie theaters, TV sets, computer terminals and video game consoles with relentlessly violent action and rhetoric, well Olbermann was silent on the Hollywood moguls who are the financial mainstay of the Democratic Party and who are currently trying to impose Rahm Emmanuel as Mayor on the people of Chicago.

Let me be clear:

First, the murders in Tucson were not a political act. We know the U. S. Army (three cheers for Army screening) rejected Loughner for military service. The killings were the act of a mentally deranged individual and someone who in the fullness of time will probably be exposed as a violent video game and film addict.

Second, neither talk radio nor talk TV had anything to do with the murders.

Third, lawful gun owners are among the most law-abiding persons in this nation.

Fourth, it is pro-family Republican conservatives that have exposed and condemned Hollywood violence as a destructive force in our society.

Fifth, the Hollywood media establishment is the principal source of cash for liberal Democrats. When are Democrats going to condemn these malignant Hollywood moguls and resolve to reject Hollywood cash as the mother’s milk of the Democratic Party?

Sixth, the prosecution of a right-wing blogger who threatened Chicago federal judges was initiated by the Bush Justice Department. To its credit, the Obama administration followed through. (I am not competent to discuss all of the merits and demerits of the prosecution, but it is clear that both parties take action to prevent violent rhetoric outside of Hollywood). Hal Turner, who had written incendiary claims about judges, was condemned by both liberals and conservatives.

Keith Olbermann’s idiocy and Gene Robinson’s similarly unhinged rhetoric attacking conservatives for violence is disgraceful. Both Olbermann and Robinson should be taken off the air.

Why is it that the media elite in New York and Washington refuse to condemn Hollywood violence? Because the corporate parents of the media elite (including Fox News), just like their Democratic associates, are the principal purveyors and profiteers of violet images in America and around the world? The media companies which are headquartered in New York and Hollywood are all drenched in violent films, violent TV programs, violent video games and Internet fantasies because that’s where the fast cash and easy money is.

The media elite in Hollywood probably caused the violence in Tucson, not law-abiding gun owners and conservative Republicans.

As a Republican presidential candidate I will not hesitate to point the blame where blame is due, and will not hesitate to defend conservatives, Tea Party activists and law-abiding gun owners from the despicable rhetoric of left-wing media and their cash-controllers in Hollywood.

Democrats and media propaganda artists such as Olbermann and Robinson should not be allowed to divert attention from the true purveyors of violence in America--the Hollywood moguls who have a cash-induced stranglehold on the Democratic Party-—by allowing them to scapegoat law-abiding Republicans.

Americans can start fighting back by rejecting the candidacy of Rahm Emmanuel for Mayor of Chicago. Emmanuel is being financed almost entirely by violence-producing media moguls in Hollywood. Emmanuel’s’ brother is an “agent” for violence-saturated media production companies and Hollywood stars.

Finally, let’s be clear about one more fact: it was the violence-saturated Hollywood media elite that forced President Barack Obama down the throats of the American people. Let’s wait to see how long before Obama blames general “violence” and avoids targeting the real source of violence in America, Obama’s own campaign contributors in Hollywood.

Republicans need to fight back against the character assassination of MSNBC, CNN and the liberal media elite by shining light on the dark corners of the Democratic Party and its main source of campaign cash. My remarks are a first step; they should not be the last.

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