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Hawai’i Governor Abercrombie’s surrender boosts Andy Martin for President

Republican Party Presidential Candidate and conservative columnist Andy Martin has driven the debate over Barack Obama’s hidden Hawai’i 1961 birth certificate. “Abercrombie’s surrender on the missing birth certificate issue will feed a public frenzy for Obama to release his secret records,” Martin says. “I am the only presidential candidate who has the guts to search for the truth and fight for the facts about the Mysterious Mr. Obama.”



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Andy Martin’s “Birther” campaign for the Republicabn Party presidential nomination gains credibility as Hawai’i Governor Abercrombie says the missing document is a political issue

Martin says “Barack Obama is stonewalling the American people”

Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says the collapse Hawai’i Governor Neil Abercrombie’s efforts to release the hidden Obama document is going to trigger a feeding frenzy among the American People

Martin is actively soliciting Tea Party/conservative support and says the fact that he is willing to stand up for conservative issues early in the primary/caucus process makes his campaign a rallying point for public doubts about Barack Obama’s “origins”

“If the other Republican presidential candidates are afraid to take the “Obama issues,” Martin asks, “How can we trust them to tackle the massive problems facing ordinary Americans?”

Martin says Representative Eric Cantor is “sincere, but misinformed”

(PALM BEACH, FL)(January 24, 2011) Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin challenged Hawai’i Governor Neil Abercrombie to release President Barack Obama’s hidden typewritten original 1961 birth certificate. Martin even offered to fly to Honolulu to meet with Abercrombie. Martin was responding to Abercrombie’s own threat to “discredit” the Birther movement (link below).

Exactly one month after Abercrombie attacked the Birther leader, Neil Abercrombie has surrendered and Andy Martin is the big winner. Left-wing media call Martin the “King of the Birthers.”

“Abercrombie said he was going to discredit me and the movement I ‘birthed,’” chuckles Martin. “Then Abercrombie surrendered. Totally surrendered (link below). He abandoned his efforts to fight the Birthers by releasing the original 1961 document. What does that tell you?

“In the month that Abercrombie was posturing, he immeasurably helped my presidential campaign.

“First, by admitting that the missing Obama birth certificate is going to be an issue in 2012, Abercrombie validated my candidacy. Even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews admits 100 million Americans have doubts about Obama. Who speaks for these Americans? Only me.

“Second, while Abercrombie started out talking trash against the Birthers, he ended up discrediting himself, not the Birther movement. My ‘Republican friend” who was initially skeptical of Birther concerns now believes that there is an active cover-up to conceal embarrassing information on Obama’s original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate. Abercrombie has revived the Birther movement and added fuel to the fire.

“Third, I have a question for Abercrombie: did you ask your friend in the White House to give permission for the release of his birth certificate? What was the answer? Or, if Abercrombie didn't call Obama and ask permission to release, why not? Obviously, one way or the other, Obama said ‘no.’

“What Abercrombie’s posturing has exposed is that Barack Obama is stonewalling the American people. What is Obama hiding?

“Fourth, by abandoning any effort to release the Obama document and taking refuge in the ridiculous Hawai’i claim that the president is a private person, Abercrombie has ridiculed himself and humiliated Obama, all while legitimizing the Birther movement and my presidential campaign (link below).

“Fifth, the latest remarks by Representative Eric Cantor, (link below) which minimize the Birther issue, show that Washington insiders are not going to lead the American people in the battle to release the missing birth certificate. The leadership for release is only coming from my grass roots campaign.

“Cantor’s claim that Obama ‘wants what’s best for this country’ (link below) is the typical ‘party line’ nonsense of the Washington establishment. Is it any wonder that that the American people are rebelling against the ‘establishment’ in the Republican Party?

“I am the only presidential candidate with the guts and experience to fight for the facts concerning Barack Obama, and the courage to stand up to the naysayers in my own party's leadership,” Martin says. “Bottom line, by highlighting my stand-alone position, and the fact that none of the other Republican Party presidential candidates are willing to speak out, I am the only genuine Tea Party/conservative candidate for the Republican Party presidential nomination.”

Martin is planning a powerhouse launch of his presidential campaign in New Hampshire on President’s Day, February 21st with a major speech to the Contoocook Valley Republican Committee:


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