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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin is concerned by Obama’s memorial service in Tucson

Conservative candidate and columnist Andy Martin says that Barack Obama may be exploiting his ceremony in Tucson by inviting a stream of politicians to attend and by allowing the solemnity of the occasion to be diluted

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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin asks whether President Barack Obama’s “production” in Tucson is genuinely sincere on just another example of political correctness

Martin says the stable of politicians and judges Obama is carting to Arizona raises questions about Obama’s real motives

“Genuine grieving should be genuine grieving,” says Martin

(NEW YORK)(January 12, 2011) Well, Barack Obama is going to Arizona to express his “sincere” concern for the tragedy in Tucson. Personally, I do not believe Obama is capable of any form of sincerity except his own self-love. I am concerned that the aftermath of Obama’s production in Tucson may be to
undermine the solemnity of the tragedy.

At noon today, the Washington Post reported that Obama’s “ceremony” in Tucson would be called “Together We Thrive.” In my opinion, the use of the term “thrive” is as poorly chosen as Sarah Palin’s use of the term “blood libel.”

Americans are not coming together to “thrive.” They are coming together to grieve. They grieve for the victims, and they grieve for the unspeakable assault on our democracy. “Thriving” is not a word I usually associate with solemn occasions.

If Obama wanted to speak as our national leader, I would suggest it could be done just as effectively and much more safely from the Oval Office. That is where I think President Ronald Reagan would have chosen to address the nation. Instead, Obama has allowed a carnival-type event to be created in which his presence is diluted by the added presence of many unnecessary distractions.

The Washington Post’s 12:30 version (of the same report, which has since been updated) reported that Obama’s presentation would feature a “Native American blessing,” although “Native Americans” had nothing to do with the events in Tucson. Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano would also speak. Huhhh? What relevance do Holder and Napolitano have to a lengthening list of speakers? When combined with the “Native American blessing,” the Obama “event” becomes more and more of an exercise in political correctness than a moment of shared sacrifice and national mourning for the victims.

Obama is cheapening the grief and exploiting the tragedy.

By 5:00 P.M. tonight the Washington Post’s updated story reported that Obama’s passenger list on Air Force One had been expanded to include former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Pelosi???), a justice of the U. S. Supreme Court (“All the better to lobby you, Your Honor”), and an assemblage of politicians. In other words, what had begun as a solemn address to the nation by the chief executive is rapidly deteriorating into nothing more than a jamboree of politicians seeking to slice off a little bit of the tragedy for their own personal use.

What is missing here?

In my opinion, American public officials are losing the ability to be sincere. Genuinely sincere. Maybe that is why political leaders, and Obama in particular, have lost the ability to lead the American people.

Television has homogenized “grief” into a “process” that has to be pursued as a TV production after each national tragedy. It is almost as though we follow a script every time something unspeakably sad and inappropriate happens. The spontaneity is gradually draining from national events of rememberance. The only person missing from Obama’s grief circus is Tucson’s clown Sheriff Dupnik who blamed Republicans and conservatives for the killings in his city.

Obama could have used Tucson as, in his own words, “a teachable moment,” to unite the nation. Instead, his remarks will soon be forgotten and their impact will be minimal.

Obama claims to have been working on his Tucson “speech” since Monday. If I was calling the family members of the victims and soliciting ideas for a eulogy, I would not have been asking them to suggest how we are “thriving in the wake of the tragedy,” or what they thought of an ever-lengthening guest list on Air Force One. Ironically, although Pelosi is joining Obama in Tucson, wounded Representative Giffords voted against Pelosi as speaker last week.

My prediction, Obama’s remarks will fade because of their patent and transparent insincerity. His motives are so transparently political, and his assemblage is so embarrassingly politically correct, that the very people he wants to reach, his adversaries and critics, will be turned off by the patently insincere production in Tucson.

Grief must be expressed in a solemn manner, not by creating a one-hour floor show of politicians and entertainers performing “Native American blessings” and other distractions.

But then Obama has always been a “production” instead of a genuine and authentic “leader.”

Nothing has changed. Obama is still Obama. He always will be.

My prayers go out to the survivors of the victims in that they will have to endure Barack Obama’s latest extravaganza in self-promotion and synthetic and stage-managed grief.

The American people deserve better. We have suffered a loss. We should mourn with dignity and solemnity and not with Nancy Pelosi on board Air Force One.


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