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Andy Martin’s reflection on and reaction to Obama’s Tucson spectacle

In Part One of Two parts, Republican Presidential Candidate and columnist Andy Martin says that the mainstream media have once again sought to fool the American people into thinking Obama is a “leader.” On reflection and review, Martin places “Obama’s Flying Circus” to Tucson in perspective, and says it is not a pretty picture. This is the first of a two-part post-partum analysis of Obama’s failures as a leader (and possible genius as a master political manipulator) in Tucson. What happens the next time we need to hold a national memorial? Will it be held in a college field house?

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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says the mainstream media (including Fox News) continue to mislead the American people

Martin says Obama’s campaign spectacle in Tucson was planned from the gitgo as a campaign rally, not a memorial to the dead and recovering

Martin predicted that Obama would seek to drive attention to Obama and away from the victims—and Andy did it hours in advanced of Obama’s speech; why did the White House “not know” what was being planned in Tucson?

(NEW YORK)(January 15, 2011) It was just a week ago that our national tragedy in Tucson unfolded and the liberal mainstream media began their attacks on conservatives and Republicans.

Several days have now passed since Obama’s spectacle “memorial service” in Tucson. I may be alone in my viewpoint, but after reading these remarks I hope you are convinced that the mainstream media have once again helped Barack Obama [Bahm]boozle the American people into thinking he 1s a leader. 2012 reelection campaign, anyone? Read on.

First, in a nation driven by a commitment to “freedom” and “rights,” it is inevitable that we are occasionally going to have the tranquility of our republic disturbed by madmen (and women). Whether mental illness consumes one percent (3 million people) of the population, or more, or less, we can’t be sure. But there is no way a free society can escape occasional disruptions by deranged individuals.

I am not discussing “political violence” here, because we have seen very little politically-motivated violence in all of the random attacks directed at our institutions by Americans themselves. Rather, on proper review and reflection, we usually find that the individuals who perpetrate insane acts are, no surprise, insane.

We also find on review and reflection that our leaders use national tragedies to manipulate our emotions and to advance their own political and personal agendas. No surprise there. Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s former chief-of-staff, said that every crisis should be exploited for political benefit.

Rather than criticizing our institutions which are there to deal with insane individuals, I would like to praise them for doing a pretty good job of protecting us from the ravages of mentally ill individuals such as the Tucson murderer.

Second, the White House has a whole staff of people whose sole purpose is to anticipate events and plan events, including reactions to tragedies. While any individual disaster may be unanticipated, it is no “surprise” to presidential staffers that presidents will at some point in their presidencies have to deal with a national trauma. The White House knows what to do in such situations. They are not rookies or neophytes at crisis management or grief therapy.

Third, as a nation we have usually conducted “memorial services” in places of great solemnity. I am very proud that the “National Cathedral” in Washington (an Episcopal church) is almost always the place where great national losses are mourned and remembered. (I am a member of the Episcopal Church.) Why did Obama plan to hold his “memorial” in a college field house?

Fourth, if you hold a “service” in an athletic field house, with tens of thousands of students in attendance, that may not lend an air of solemnity to the occasion.

So, what happened when Obama decided to “memorialize” the Tucson victims? What happened was precisely what Obama wanted to happen. His staff crafted a political event and not a memorial service. They tried to mislabel the raucous air of the production as “just blowing off steam” by the local community. Blowing smoke in our eyes is more like it.

Around midday on Wednesday, after initial web-based reports on plans for Obama’s flight to Tucson, I began to see the “memorial” as nothing more than an Obama self-love extravaganza. I followed developments on the web. The more the story developed on the Washington Post, the more political the event appeared to become. What I saw increasingly said to me “politics” and a political event.

If I could see that a political event was developing, and if I could write hours before the event took place that Obama was about to engage in a preening act of self-referential Obama-love, how is it possible the White House Staff and Press Secretary Robert Gibbs were “surprised” by the outcome? “There are none so blind as those that will not see, none so deaf as those that will not hear.”

Obviously, the sincerity of Gibbs, Obama & Company in claiming they were “surprised” by the tone of the Tucson event has about the same level of “sincerity” as “Round up the usual suspects” has in the film Casablanca. After the fact, Obama, through Gibbs, professed “surprise” that what I saw developing as a political Obamaganza turned out to be precisely what it appeared to be: an Obama self-love session.

Where was the Tucson “memorial” conducted? In a church? In a place of solemnity? When was the last time a Kennedy Family memorial was held in a college field house instead of a church? Obama's “memorial” was scripted for performance in an athletic field house. Why wasn't a Tucson church or synagogue chosen to “memorialize” the victims and to pray for recovery of the survivors? When did "rabbi" Janet Napolitano become our national clergywoman? Eric Holder our priest-in-chief?

Not one local clergyman was present at the Tucson “memorial.” Not one Rabbi, not one Priest, not one. Instead we had the pathetic spectacle of a University of Arizona academic clown performing a Mexican memorial in which he took more time to deliver his personal resume than to remember the dead or survivors. This character is a “Doctor” and Professor? What kind of a "university" is Arizona when jokers such as a Mexican memorialist are on the senior faculty?

But if I predicted we were in for a clown service hours before the event, how could the White House have been surprised when I was not? Obviously, they knew exactly what they were planning and it was not a memorial service.

Next, not one person tried to restrain the crowd. The university president, who acted as Obama’s toastmaster with profuse praise for our great leader, never once asked the crowd to calm down and manifest a respectful tone. How could “the children” behave themselves and manifest due respect and solemnity if the adults present did not ask them to do so? No, not one person who spoke tried to tone down the tenor of the crowd.

Now let’s look at the “speech.”

Obama’s prepared text (link below) said he was coming to “kneel to pray…” Did you see any kneeling or any praying? Was there any kneeling during any part of the service? Any prayer? The only “religion” on display was Obama-love.

Did anyone from Tucson show anyone from Washington the program of events in advance? What happened to the “kneeling” and “praying” Obama came to perform? It disappeared. Has anyone on the White House staff been fired for blowing the advance planning? Not that I am aware of.

Paul Krugman, who has been one of the most vicious left-wing attack dogs on conservative leaders, chose these words from Obama’s speech to highlight Krugman’s column Friday (link below):

“[L]et us use this occasion to expand our moral imaginations, to listen to each other more carefully, to sharpen our instincts for empathy, and remind ourselves of all the ways our hopes and dreams are bound together.”

“Expand our moral imaginations?” “Sharpen our instincts for empathy?”

These passages are classic Obama campaignspeak.

Early in his over-long speech Obama focused on the victims. But as the half hour of peachiness wore on, Obama reverted to campaign mode. His gestures and cadences were those of a candidate, not a mourner.

Some bloggers have even suggested that the delay in Obama’s appearance was timed to coincide with the special order of trinkets and memorabilia to “memorialize” his visit and that the “Together We Thrive” theme from a campaign blogger (link below) merely morphed into the “thriving” slogan of last Wednesday. It’s hard to know where the truth ends and where Obama media manipulation begins.

So we had an event that from the outset and the outside looked like a campaign rally, held in an athletic field house, which was to “memorialize” victims without the benefit of any clergy, and which ended with Obama exhorting Americans to “expand our moral imaginations.”

Hope and change, anyone?

Compared to Obama’s manipulations and meretriciousness, Sarah Palin looks like a paragon of virtue.

So, where were the national media and pundits? Acting as trained dancing bears for Obama. As usual. That’s something to mourn.

Now you understand why my columns are called “Contrarian Commentary,” and why I am running for president in the 2012 primaries. To tell the truth to the American people, and to pull the wool off their eyes. 100% Obama flannel. Before it’s too late. And Obama “memorializes” America out of existence.

Kneeling and praying anyone? Just call Obama. He knows all about that.


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