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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin defends Sarah Palin, questions Hernandez’ homosexuality

Conservative candidate and columnist Andy Martin says everything he wrote on Wednesday concerning the media’s relentless efforts to demonize and destroy Sarah Palin is continuing on Thursday and Friday. Martin says excuses such as the claim that the Wednesday “scene” in Tucson was an “Irish wake” are disrespectful and demeaning to Irish-Americans. Irish know the difference between a wake and a public spectacle.

Martin also observes how the media are trying to control the message and editing the facts to serve their own agenda by concealing Daniel Hernandez’ sexuality from public view.

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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says the media are continuing to abuse Sarah Palin

Martin rises to defend Palin from the malicious attacks of the liberal media elite and Barack Obama’s Democratic Party hit men such as Senator Dick Durbin

Martin says that the media have tried to “control the message” of the moment by eliminating any reference to Daniel Hernandez’ homosexual activism

(NEW YORK)(January 14, 2011) On Wednesday I wrote how the media were out to demonize and destroy Sarah Palin. I also offered her some pointers on how Palin could improve her television presence in the future. On Thursday, however, the attacks on Palin continued (see link below). I’m sure the attacks have not ended. The media are unabashedly trying to demonize Palin. They are out to destroy her.

On Wednesday I speculated that media attacks might be endangering Palin’s safety. I was not surprised to learn on Thursday that I was correct. As a result of media malignancy Palin has been inundated with threats.

What has Sarah Palin done to deserve these attacks? Nothing. Nothing at all.

The media’s latest ploy is to compare Palin’s remarks to Obama’s (see link below).

Obama’s team crafted a political pep rally in Tucson and he delivered a rousing campaign speech. He tried to suggest we had to mold America to fit the vision of a nine year-old child. While the death of a child is tragic beyond belief, and the loss too horrible to contemplate, it is doubtful that a child has a world vision that we must live up to. Instead, Obama was back to his old campaign malarkey, this time cynically using the death of a child to advance his agenda before an extremely liberal and disrespectful crowd. The man is shameless.

Not once did Obama admonish the crowd to be serious or reflect due reverence. Instead, he ramped up and ratcheted up his own campaign rhetoric in response to the crowd’s boisterous behavior. On Thursday, stung by the nation’s shock at the misbehavior of Tucsonians, Obama tried to walk back responsibility for the rally and tried to stick the University of Arizona with blame for the outbursts. As always, Obama claimed he was totally innocent of any accountability for the event which he created to showcase his compassion for the victims. Yah, sure.

Some of Obama’s media sycophants have condescendingly tried to compare the noisy and rambunctious Tucson crowd to an “Irish wake.” There’s an old expression, which is not limited to the Irish, that people cry at weddings and laugh at funerals. But any joviality at a funeral is conducted in private, among family and friends, and not before a crowd of 15,000 persons yelling and screaming on national television.

There was no jocularity at any Kennedy family memorials I can remember. It is demeaning to Irish-Americans to compare Obama’s Tucson mob to an Irish memorial.

Palin, by comparison, merely defended herself in her Wednesday video. And she was attacked for that defense. Palin is not the president. She is not the national “uniter” or “decider.” She is still a private citizen.

To the extent that Palin owes anyone anything in the public arena, she might want to provide some solace for her supporters in response to the malicious attacks being leveled at her by the Democratic Party’s resident hit men.

Not only is the media broadcasting a totally false and relentlessly negative image of Sarah Palin, they are apparently editing the facts to serve the “hero of the moment” story.

Daniel Hernandez is an authentic American hero. I have no problem with that fact. He was great. He is a young man with amazing presence. I salute him for his efforts to save the life of Representative Giffords.

Mr. Hernandez is also a gay rights activist and he was probably working in Representative Giffords’ office because of their common support for gay rights. But instead of holding up Hernandez as a gay hero, all mention of his sexuality has been deleted from the reports of his heroism.

Only the homosexual media have commented on Hernandez’ status (see links below). Is it a secret? Should Hernandez’ gay activism be hidden from the public? Hernandez is one of the most prominent gay heroes in recent memory and yet the media are concealing his private life despite the fact that, by comparison, they usually trumpet the sexuality of people involved in fighting discrimination in the military. Why the secrecy? Why the silence?

Hello Rachel Maddow? Why so quiet? Here is a national gay hero and you are totally silent. Hypocrisy my dear? Good gracious.

I’m not gay so I can’t speak to what it is like to be a closeted gay such as U. S. Senator Mark Kirk. And I have expressed concern about closeted gays because of the conflicts they create in the political process and especially in the Republican Party. We’ll have a column on Kirk when the news quiets down.

But Hernandez is not closeted. He is honest, open and aboveboard about his private life. Due respect for that candor would suggest that the media should have credited him for what he was, a superman who in a moment of abject terror rose to the challenge. Hernandez would be welcome in my White House.

Bottom line:

I think Sarah Palin continues to be victimized and, contrary to what others have said, I believe she had every right to defend herself. Bravo Sarah!

As for Mr. Hernandez, he is a genuine hero. But given his openness and honesty, why has everyone been so hush-hush about the reason Hernandez was working in Giffords’ office? Are we sanitizing Giffords' pro-gay political views and Hernandez’ own role in her office? I don’t know. But the media aren’t talking. Didn’t Hernandez personal life rate a brief mention, a few words, somewhere in all of the verbiage? Apparently not. Why did only the “gay” media report on Hernandez’ activism?

And they wonder why the American people, liberal and conservative, distrust the media. When it suits their interests, the media trumpet a person’s homosexual status. When it suits their interests, they drop any mention of sexuality from their narrative. It’s all media manipulation.

On the other hand, maybe the media know us better than we know ourselves. Maybe we are a nation of hypocrites when it comes to sexuality. I’m not sure. I invite readers to respond with their reactions and comments. The Hernandez “silence” is a question where we can have a lively debate and discussion. As family.

And as for Sarah Palin, the behavior of the media and Obama’s Democratic Party hit men has been and continues to be despicable. The media have done her wrong. Why? To paraphrase the great expression from the McCarthy era, “At long last, have Obama and the media no shame?” Are they willing to endanger the lives of Sarah Palin and her family to advance their socialist political agenda? Apparently so. And the American people elected this narcissist to “lead” us? For shame.


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