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Andy Martin demands apology from “Alien” Obama for Chinese “uncouthness”

Republican Party Presidential Candidate and conservative columnist Andy Martin accuses President Barack Obama of dishonoring and disgracing America’s fighting men and women by allowing an anti-American Chinese propaganda attack on American troops to be played at the White House. “Obama and Michelle may pretend they support our troops,” Martin says, “But action speaks louder than words. Obama dishonored our honored fallen by allowing militaristic Chinese propaganda music to be played at the White House.”



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin slams President Barack Obama for allowing Chinese military propaganda music to be played at the White House

Martin says Obama and Michelle Obama may pretend to support our troops but they are both anti-Americans at heart

Martin says that Obama should demand an apology from the Chinese; Obama should also issue apologies to our men and women in uniform and the American people

(PALM BEACH, FL)(January 25, 2011) Last month we remembered the sixtieth anniversary of one of the most brutal battles in American military history: The [Korean War] Battle of Chosin Reservoir. Last week President Barack Obama allowed militaristic anti-American Chinese propaganda music from the Korean War era calling our troops “jackals” to be played at the White House.

Obama, of course, and Michelle Obama, make a big “show” of supporting our troops. But Obama is the most anti-American president in our history.

It was my privilege to meet and be a friend of one of the men who fought at Chosin and won the Medal of Honor there, General (then Col.) Raymond G. Davis. General Davis was a quiet man, and I have no doubt he would maintain his quietude in the face of Obama’s disgraceful behavior. But I must speak up and speak out against Barack Obama’s despicable behavior. The ghosts of Chosin call out for me to condemn China’s disgraceful behavior.

The White House is Our House, not Obama’s anti-American outhouse. Allowing Our House to be used as a stage for anti-American Chinese propaganda music is an insult to and assault on every American.

Obama does not understand our military because he doesn’t understand America. He may be an American citizen but he will forever be an alien. A piece of paper can’t change what’s in his heart.

Military men and women, many of whom come from our inner cities and our small towns and rural areas, are “not in it for the money.” They believe in the eternal verities that made and make this country great: duty, honor, country. These are the people Obama ridiculed during the 2008 campaign as tied to their Bibles and guns.

I will have more to say about China and the obscene manner in which Obama kow’towed to the Chinese leader last week. But I must say that the behavior of Lang Lang the pianist was uncivilized and uncouth.

For now, I would simply like to make the following demands:

First, loyal Democrats, and there are many, should come forth to condemn the president’s acquiescence and silence in the face of extreme uncouthness by the Chinese in playing anti-American military propaganda music in the White House.

Second, Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should issue a clear and unequivocal public condemnation of the uncouth Chinese behavior. Only near-savages would respond to the hospitality of a national leader by insulting that leader to his face by playing music attacking that leader’s men and women in uniform. Chinese behavior at the White House tells me what I need to know as a presidential candidate about Chinese intentions and behavior in the future.

Third, I know how president Ronald Reagan would have reacted. The Gipper would not have been happy.

Fourth, a question for the People of China: Is this really how you want to be perceived? As uncouth savages that come into Our House and insult the American People? Mr. Lang Lang should be politely asked to leave the United States if he is not an American citizen.

Finally, an open question for the American people: how could you possibly have voted in 2008 for this alien to be our president? Is it possible that the alien will be renominated and reelected with our votes in 2012? Have we no sense of national pride, no sense of national honor, no loyalty to our men in women in uniform and those who have fallen in battle, that we allow Chinese thugs to degrade and insult our fallen dead and our men and women in uniform right in Our House the White House? And we vote for Barack Obama who permits these indignities to take place?

The Democratic Party used to be the party of President Harry Truman. Today it is the party of The Alien. For shame.


These strong words are written by someone (Andy Martin) who has studied China and Chinese history, studied Chinese language (Mandarin) and lived in China (Hong Kong BCC). I am by no means a Chinese “hater.” But, having explained my long relationship with China, I must unhesitatingly condemn the totally unacceptable and hostile behavior of the Chinese leaders and their subversive “pianist” during their White House visit. If I make it to the White House, as an Asia expert I will know enough not to bow down to the Chinese rulers. I will reverse all of Obama’s subservience. To know China is to know that Chinese leaders historically have had contempt for those who kow’tow to them. The Chinese will eternally respect the Marines and soldiers who took their measure at Chosin Reservoir. That is why Hu Jintao went to such lengths to defame our fallen heroes. The “Chosen Few” at Chosin broke the Chinese ring of steel and humbled the Chinese invaders in Korea. The Chinese remember. We must never forget.


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