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Andy Martin says Google may be censoring Obama opponents

Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative columnist Andy Martin says that Google search engine algorithms appear to be censoring search results for opponents of Barack Obama. “My name used to be easy to find through Google News and Google Alerts. Now it has disappeared,” Martin says. “I have notified Google we are seeking an impartial investigation and will take legal action as a last resort.”



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Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin says Google may be manipulating its search engine results to eliminate reports for opponents of Barack Obama

Martin is asking Google for an investigation and written response from Google before deciding whether to seek legal action

(CHICAGO)(January 19, 2011) Republican Presidential Candidate Andy Martin has written to Google’s legal department and requested an investigation into whether Google search engine algorithms have been doctored to restrain reporting on opponents of Barack Obama.

A copy of Martin’s letter to Google will be posted on his blogs (see above) after his news conference. Copies are also available on request.

"I have not seen Google’s internal search algorithms, but I note that Google has considerably reduced reporting through its Google News and Google Alerts for a very visible and vocal opponent of Barack Obama: me.

“We have previously documented how Wikipedia is an extension of the Obama campaign smear machine,” Martin says. “And we will have more to say about Wikipedia fraud at a Friday news conference. Now it appears that Google is also falling into line with the Obama disinformation apparatus. They have stopped searching on sites that carry my material, and my name does not appear in Google Alerts.

“Based on my external knowledge of Google’s algorithms, it appears the search criteria have been doctored to remove names of persons who oppose Barack Obama. While you can still specifically search for my name, the reporting that automatically comes out of Google News and Alerts for my name has been substantially reduced. Why, and by whom?

“I suspect the algorithms have been modified to remove the names of Obama’s vocal opponents from Google’s systems,” Martin says. “Who’s next? Who will be the next victim of cybermutilation and manipulation by Google?”




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Andy Martin is asking Google to disclose whether it is modifying algorithms to censor Barack Obama’s opponents such as Martin from appearing in Google News and Google Alert reports. Martin says he perceives that Google is censoring Obama adversaries to limit their exposure and to understate the extent of their activity.


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